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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Blakenhall

IfI were to acquire a freehold homein Blakenhall for cash and dispense with a survey and no conveyancing searches how much should I expect to have to pay for conveyancing in Blakenhall?

Any savings you would gain will be isolated to the costs for searches. Your solicitor still be obliged to do everything else - money laundering, communicating with your vendors conveyancer, stamp duty return, register the property etc. You might save a bit for them not needing to register a charge however it won't be meaningful.

My grandmother passed away six months ago and as sole heir and executor I was left the property in Blakenhall. The house had a small mortgage left on it of around £5k. I want to transfer the title deeds into my name whilst I re-mortgage to Coventry BS, pay off the mortgage. Is this possible?

Given you intend to re-mortgage then Coventry BS will insist on your using a conveyancer on the Coventry BS conveyancing panel. Here is link to the Land Registry online guidance around what to do when a property owner dies. This will help you to understand the registration process behind changing the details re the registered title. in your case it would appear that you are effectively purchasing the property from the estate. Your Coventry BS conveyancing panel solicitor pays the new mortgage money into the estate, the estate pays off the old mortgage, the charge is released and you become the owner and the Coventry BS mortgage is registered as a charge at the Land Registry.

Me and my partner are buying a apartment in Blakenhall. I might seem paranoid but how we can trust a conveyancer? On the day of competition we have to put funds into their account. What protection do we have from them run away with our monies?

Be assured that all money in a Solicitors client account is 100% safe, and even if your Solicitor ran off with it, the Law Society would reimburse you fully.

I am being advised by my conveyancer that chancel insurance is required on my purchase. What is the typical level of cover needed for conveyancing in Blakenhall?

The right level of chancel indemnity insurance depends on who your lender is. It would differ for example between HSBC Bank and Barnsley Building Society. Conveyancing lawyers as opposed to members of the public take out such policies.

We previously appointed conveyancers located in Blakenhall on the Skipton solicitor approved list. They have just billed me a further fee for the legal aspects of the Skipton mortgage. Is this an additional conveyancing fee set by Skipton?

As unfair as it may appear, as long as it’s in their Terms and Conditions or Quote then yes your property lawyer can levy a fee for this. This charge is not set by Skipton but by your Blakenhall conveyancing practitioner. Some firms on the Skipton panel will levy ’dealing with mortgage’ fee but plenty of practices incorporate it on their overall fee.

Over the last few months I have been searching for a leasehold apartment up to £235,500 and found one round the corner in Blakenhall I like with a park and railway links in the vicinity, the downside is that it's only got 61 years unexpired on the lease. There is not much else in Blakenhall for this price, so just wondered if I would be making a grave error acquiring a short lease?

Should you need a mortgage the shortness of the lease will likely be problematic. Reduce the offer by the amount the lease extension will cost if it has not already been discounted. If the current owner has owned the premises for a minimum of twenty four months you can request that they start the process of the extension and then assign it to you. You can add 90 years to the existing lease term and have £0 ground rent by law. You should consult your conveyancing lawyer regarding this matter.

Is it best to choose a Blakenhall conveyancing solicitor based in the vicinity that I am hoping to buy? I have an old university friend who can perform the legal formalities but her office is 300miles drive away.

The primary upside of using a local Blakenhall conveyancing practice is that you can visit the firm to execute paperwork, deliver your identification documents and pester them where appropriate. Having local Blakenhall know how is a benefit. However nothing is more important than finding someone that will do a good and efficient job. If if people you trust instructed your friend and the majority were content that should surpass using an unknown Blakenhall conveyancing solicitor just because they are Blakenhall based.

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