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Ready to buy a new home in Bloxwich? Failing to check that a lawyer is on your lender’s list of approved solicitors can put your Bloxwich transaction at risk of delay or failure.

Only LenderPanel.com provides a subset of authorised Bloxwich conveyancers for over 130 lenders.

Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Bloxwich

Much to our surprise we have been notified by our broker that my Bloxwich property lawyer is not on the lender Conveyancing panel. What can I do to be certain if this is indeed the case?

You need to contact your Bloxwich conveyancer. It is reasonable to expect your lawyer to advise you what has happened. If they are not on the panel they could put your in touch with solicitors on the conveyancing panel for your lender.

Would the conveyancing solicitors that you recommend conduct attended exchange conveyancing in Bloxwich?

We do have a number of conveyancing experts carrying out attended exchanges. Do call us to receive a conveyancing quote and details as to availability.

When does exchange of contracts take place for domestic conveyancing in Bloxwich and do I need to attend the lawyers branch?

If you are in close proximity to one of the conveyancing solicitors in Bloxwich you are welcome to come in to sign contracts. That being said, the lender approved solicitors we recommend supply a national conveyancing service and provide just as comprehensive and professional a job for you when dealing with you digitally. The signing of the sale agreement is not when everything is set in stone. Signing on the dotted line simply enables the solicitor to exchange contracts at the suitable time, which will usually be very shortly after signing. The procedure is nowadays normally dealt with by telephone and can be very rapid, although where a long "chain" is in the mix, since the process requires the relevant party's solicitor (not necessarily a conveyancing solicitor in Bloxwich)to be in the office at the appropriate time.

We are buying a flat in Bloxwich. I might seem paranoid but how we can trust a solicitor? At some point we have to send funds into their account. What protection do we have from them run away with our deposit?

Be assured that all money in a Solicitors client account is 100% safe, and even if your Solicitor ran off with it, the Law Society would reimburse you fully.

Forgive me if this question is silly but I am wet behind the ears as a first time purchaser of a ground floor flat in Bloxwich. Do I receive the keys to the property on the completion date from my solicitor? If this is the case, I will use a local conveyancing solicitor in Bloxwich?

On the day of completion you do not need to go to the conveyancers office in Bloxwich. Your solicitors will arrange to send the completion advance to the owner’s conveyancers, and once they have received this, you will be invited to pick up the keys from the selling Agents and move into your new home. This tends to happen early afternoon.

Are all Bloxwich Conveyancing Quality Solicitors on the Coventry BS conveyancing list of approved solicitors?

It is true that some lenders now use the accreditation scheme as the kick off point for Panel membership such as HSBC and Santander. The Law Society’s CQS accreditation however gives no guarantee to lender panel acceptance. That being said,the CML have indicated that it is likely to become a pre-requisite for solicitor practices wishing to join their panels.

Do online conveyancing companies undertake everything a local Bloxwich solicitor does or do I still need to retain a solicitor for the final stages for my conveyancing in Bloxwich?

If you instruct an online conveyancer they should cover all the things your Bloxwich conveyancer would cover.

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