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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Dulas and Nebo

A loan agreement from Nationwide for the refinancing of my 4 bedroom maisonette is coming by the end of next week. Are you able to recommend a low cost conveyancing solicitor in Dulas and Nebo?

You are on the wrong site if you are in need of cut-price fees for conveyancing in Dulas and Nebo. We can offer you affordable conveyancing but we do not advertise as being the cheapest. Avoid the trap of appointing brokers seducing you with low cost conveyancing in Dulas and Nebo. In your best case scenario, in being led by cheap conveyancing, you will end up with what you pay for and at worst you will end up spending a lot in additional fees and still not receive the service required.

I am need of leasehold conveyancing for a flat in a relatively new development (five years old) in Dulas and Nebo. Almost all the appartments are already sold. Is it really necessary to order conveyancing searches as part of conveyancing in Dulas and Nebo?

You would be opening yourself up to an unnecessary risk in failing carrying out Dulas and Nebo conveyancing searches. Without searches you have no clarity over flooding, environmental etc which may mean you walk away due to potential problems down the line. If you are buying without a mortgage there is no legal requirement to have them, but we would strongly advise in no uncertain terms that your solicitor conducts them. If timings and price are primary issues you should consider with your solicitor about the option of search insurance

Should our lawyer be raising enquiries concerning flooding during the conveyancing in Dulas and Nebo.

Flooding is a growing risk for solicitors conducting conveyancing in Dulas and Nebo. There are those who purchase a house in Dulas and Nebo, completely aware that at some time, it may suffer from flooding. However, aside from the physical damage, if a house is at risk of flooding, it may be difficult to get a mortgage, suitable building insurance, or dispose of the premises. There are steps that can be taken during the course of a property purchase to forewarn the buyer.

Solicitors are not best placed to offer advice on flood risk, but there are a numerous checks that may be initiated by the buyer or by their conveyancers which can give them a better appreciation of the risks in Dulas and Nebo. The conventional set of completed inquiry forms sent to a buyer’s conveyancer (where the solicitors are adopting what is known as the Conveyancing Protocol) incorporates a standard inquiry of the owner to find out if the property has historically flooded. If flooding has previously occurred which is not notified by the seller, then a buyer could bring a legal claim for losses resulting from an incorrect answer. A buyer’s solicitors will also order an environmental search. This will disclose if there is any known flood risk. If so, additional inquiries will need to be carried out.

I am looking for a leasehold apartment up to £195,000 and identified one near me in Dulas and Nebo I like with a park and railway links nearby, the downside is that it's only got 52 remaining years left on the lease. There is not much else in Dulas and Nebo suitable, so just wondered if I would be making a mistake purchasing a short lease?

Should you need a mortgage the remaining unexpired lease term will be problematic. Discount the offer by the anticipated lease extension will cost if it has not already been discounted. If the existing owner has owned the property for a minimum of twenty four months you could request that they start the process of the extension and then assign it to you. An additional ninety years can be extended on to the existing lease term with a zero ground rent applied. You should speak to your conveyancing lawyer regarding this matter.

Having had my offer accepted I require leasehold conveyancing in Dulas and Nebo. Before diving in I require certainty as to the unexpired term of the lease.

If the lease is recorded at the land registry - and almost all are in Dulas and Nebo - then the leasehold title will always include the basic details of the lease, namely the date; the term; and the original parties. From a conveyancing perspective such details then enable any prospective buyer and lender to confirm that any lease they are looking at is the one relevant to that title. For any other purpose, such as confirming how long the term was granted for and calculating what is left, then the register should be sufficient on it's own.

Dulas and Nebo Leasehold Conveyancing - Sample of Queries before buying

    Are any of leasehold owners in dispute over their service charge liability? How long is the Lease? Most Dulas and Nebo leasehold properties will have a service bill for the upkeep of the block levied by the freeholder. If you purchase the apartment you will have to meet this amount, normally quarterly during the year. This may vary from a couple of hundred pounds to thousands of pounds for bigger purpose-built buildings. There will also be a rentcharge for you to pay yearly, normally this is not a exorbitant amount, say about £50-£100 but you need to enquire it because occasionally it can be surprisingly expensive.

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