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Ready to buy a new home in Dyffryn Ardudwy? Failing to check that a lawyer is on your lender’s list of approved solicitors can put your Dyffryn Ardudwy home move at risk of delay or failure.

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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Dyffryn Ardudwy

Our son-in-law is in the process of securing a house that has just been built in Dyffryn Ardudwy with a home loan from UBS. His conveyancer has said that there is a delay in completing the ‘Disclosure of Incentive Form’. Who needs to receive the form?

The document is intended to provide information to the main parties engaged in the purchase. Therefore, it will be provided to your son’s lawyer who should be on the UBS conveyancing panel as a standard part of the process, and to the valuer when asked. The developer will be required to start the process by downloading the form and completing it. The form will therefore need to be available for the valuer at the time of his or her site visit. The form should be sent to the UBS conveyancing panel solicitor as early as possible, in order to avoid any last minute delays, and no later than at exchange of contracts.

Are the Dyffryn Ardudwy conveyancing solicitors identified as being on the HSBC conveyancing panel, together with their details provided by HSBC?

Dyffryn Ardudwy conveyancing firms themselves provide us confirmation that they are on the HSBC conveyancing panel as opposed to being supplied with a list from HSBC directly.

The Dyffryn Ardudwy conveyancing firm that just started acting on my house acquisition in Dyffryn Ardudwy have suddenly closed. I only went with them because I had to have a solicitor on the Lloyds conveyancing panel and my family Dyffryn Ardudwy lawyer was not. I gave my credit card details for them to take one hundred and fifty pounds for searches. What do I do now?

If you have an estate agent involved then let them know straight away so that they can let the sellers know that there may be a slight delay due to the problems encountered. Most sellers would be sympathetic and urge their lawyer to send a new set of papers to your new solicitors. You should appoint new lawyers that are on the Lloyds conveyancing panel and notify the lender. If you have paid over any money, it will hopefully be held by the SRA as money in an intervened firm's bank accounts is transferred to the SRA. Then, the SRA or the intervention agent looks at the intervened firm's accounts to work out who the money belongs to. To claim your money you will need to contact the SRA. If the SRA cannot return money you are owed from the firm's bank accounts, or if they can only return part of the money, you can apply to the Compensation Fund for a grant. Your new lawyers may be able to assist.

I am planning on selling our property in Dyffryn Ardudwy and according to the buyers it appears that there is a risk of it being constructed on contaminated land. Any high street Dyffryn Ardudwy lawyer would know this is not the case. It does beg the question why the buyers used a nationwide conveyancing practice as opposed to a conveyancing solicitor in Dyffryn Ardudwy. We have lived in Dyffryn Ardudwy for 4 years we know of no issue. Do we contact our local Authority to get clarification need.

It would appear that you have a conveyancing lawyer already. Are they able to advise? You must enquire of your lawyer before you do anything. It is very possible that once the local authority has been informed of a potential issue it cannot be insured against (a bit like being diagnosed with a serious illness and then taking out health insurance to cover that same illness)

I acquired a flat in Dyffryn Ardudwy last 23/5/2018 and to date it is still not recorded with HMLR. It is part of a new estate and my solicitor told me that it may take twelve months to complete the registration formalities. I have spoken with the Land Registry directly and they say that the initial application was cancelled due to failure to reply to requisitions. Do I need to be concerned?

It is your conveyancer that you should get in touch with in order to satisfy any questions which have been raised as part of the registration process for your Dyffryn Ardudwy property. Normal Dyffryn Ardudwy conveyancing practice includes an undertaking on the part of the seller's property lawyer that they will help resolve any question raised by HMLR so it may be a case of taking action to enforce that undertaking in some way.

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