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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Talbot Green

Can the conveyancing solicitors listed on your site carry out right to buy conveyancing in Talbot Green?

We work with a variety of conveyancing practitioners who can handle right to buy conveyancing Please e-mail us with a view to obtain a costs illustration.

I am the registered owner of a freehold house in Talbot Green but still invoiced for rent, why is this and what is this?

It’s unusual for properties in Talbot Green and has limited impact for conveyancing in Talbot Green but some freehold properties in England (particularly common in North West England) pay an annual sum known as a Chief Rent or a Rentcharge to a third party who has no other legal interest in the land.

Rentcharge payments are usually between £2.00 and £5.00 per year. Rentcharges have existed for hundreds of years, but the Rent Charge Act 1977 barred the generation of new rentcharges from 1977 onwards.

Old rentcharges can now be extinguished by making a one off payment under the Act. Any rentcharges that are still in existence after 2037 will be dispensed with completely.

Despite weeks of looking the Title Certificate and documents to our home are lost. The conveyancers who handled the conveyancing in Talbot Green 10 years ago are no longer around. Will I be able to sell the house?

Assuming you have a registered title the details of your proprietorship will be retained by the Land Registry with a Title Number. It is easy to execute a search at the Land Registry, find your property and secure current copies of the Registered Entries for a small fee. If the title is Leasehold then the Land Registry will also normally retain a file copy of the Registered Lease and again, a copy can be retrieved for a small fee.

I've recently found out that there is a flying freehold element on a house I have offered on two weeks back in what was supposed to be a quick, chain free conveyancing. Talbot Green is where the house is located. What do you suggest?

Flying freeholds in Talbot Green are not the norm but are more likely to exist in relation to terraced houses. Even though you don't necessarily need a conveyancing solicitor in Talbot Green you would need to get your solicitor to go through the deeds very carefully. Your mortgage company may require your conveyancing solicitor to take out an indemnity policy. Some of the more diligent conveyancing solicitors in Talbot Green may ascertain that this is not enough and that the deeds be re-written to give you the most up to date legal protection. If so, the next door neighbour also had to sign up to the revised deeds.It is possible that your lender will not accept the situation so the sooner you find out the better. You should also check with your insurance broker as to whether they will insure a flying freehold residence.

I have just appointed agents to market my garden apartment in Talbot Green. Conveyancing has not commenced, however I have just had a yearly maintenance charge invoice – what should I do?

Your conveyancing lawyer is likely to suggest that you should clear the maintenance contribution as usual as all rents and maintenance charges will be apportioned on completion, so you will be reimbursed by the buyer for the period running from after the completion date to the next payment date. Most managing agents will not acknowledge the buyer unless the service charges have been paid and are up to date, so it is important for both buyer and seller for the seller to show that they are up to date. Having a clear account will assist your cause and will leave you no worse off financially.

Talbot Green Conveyancing for Leasehold Flats - Examples of Questions you should ask before buying

    Its a good idea to discover as much as possible regarding the company managing the building as they will impact your use and enjoyment of the property. Being a leasehold owner you will be in the clutches of the managing agents from a financial perspective and when it comes to daily issues such as the tidiness of the common parts. You should not be afraid to ask other tenants what they think of them. Finally, investigate as to the dates that the service fees are due to the relevant party and precisely what it includes. Make sure you investigate if the the lease contains any onerous restrictions in the lease. For example some leases prohibit pets being allowed in certain buildings in Talbot Green. If you like the apartmentin Talbot Green yet your cat is not allowed to live with you then you will be faced difficult compromise. How much is the service charge and ground rent on the property?

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