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Ready to buy a new home? Failing to check that a lawyer is on the Accord Mortgages list of approved solicitors can put your transaction at risk of delay or failure.

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Frequently asked questions relating to the Accord Mortgages Solicitor Panel

I need to swap lawyers as my lawyer is not on the Accord Mortgages panel of conveyancing solicitors. Is it practical to instruct different lawyers?
If you haven't yet instructed a solicitor to do anything for you and have just received quotes, you're perfectly free to choose a different solicitor to carry out your work for you. The best way is to get recommendations from friends or family who have actually used the solicitor or conveyancer you're considering.
We are due to exchange on the purchase a house but as a result of damage from the recent storms I have agreed compensation from the seller of £3k approx by way of a reduction in the price. This was going to be dealt with as part of the conveyancing process but my mortgage company Accord Mortgages will not agree to this. Why was Accord Mortgages even consulted?
Your lawyer being on the Accord Mortgages conveyancing panel is duty bound to inform Accord Mortgages of any changes to the purchase price. If you were to refuse your lawyers to disclose the reduction to Accord Mortgages then they would have to discontinue acting for you and Accord Mortgages.
Whilst your website is a good idea there are many lawyers listed near Middlesbrough on the Accord Mortgages conveyancing panel. Can you recommend a specific firm on the Accord Mortgages approved panel?
We are not in the business of recommending one firm above another as the right firm for you depends on where your priorities lie. For example you may require a local firm with local knowledge or you might be looking for the low cost conveyancing. We recommend that you speak to 3 or 4 lawyers listed before you make your choice..
I am buying a terraced house and getting a mortgage with Accord Mortgages. Can I do my own conveyancing?
Leaving aside the complexities and merits of DIY conveyancing you will have to appoint a solicitor on the Accord Mortgages conveyancing panel to look after their interests. Most people therefore find it easier to let the solicitor act for them and the lender. Furthermore there is minimal cost savings to made in you doing to conveyancing for yourself and another lawyer conducting the conveyancing for the lender. Please feel free to use the search tool to find a lawyer on the Accord Mortgages conveyancing panel in your location.
We have a mortgage agreed in principle with Accord Mortgages. Solicitors have been chosen? How long does it take for Accord Mortgages to send the offer to our conveyancer
Some lenders take longer than others. Have Accord Mortgages conducted the survey? Have you advised Accord Mortgages as your lawyers details and checked that your lawyer is on the Accord Mortgages conveyancing panel? It is not unusual for a mortgage offer to take a month to come through
We were going to get a DIP from Accord Mortgages this week so we can work out what to offer on a property we like as otherwise we only have online calculators to go by (which aren't taking into account credit checks etc).Do the Accord Mortgages recommend a solicitor on the Accord Mortgages conveyancing panel, or is it better to find our own lawyer
You will need to appoint solicitors independently although you'll need to choose one on the Accord Mortgages conveyancing panel. The solicitor represents both you and the Accord Mortgages through the process.
It is not clear whether my mortgage offer requires a lease extension . I have telephoned Accord Mortgages on various occasions and was told they are content with the situation and they would lend. My solicitor - who is on the Accord Mortgages conveyancing panel- telephoned and was told not they would not lend in accordance with their CML Handbook minimum lease term requirements. I simply dont know who is right
Your lawyer has to follow the CML Handbook Part 2 requirements for Accord Mortgages. Unless your lawyer obtains specific confirmation in writing that Accord Mortgages will go ahead your lawyer has no choice but to refrain from exchanging contract and committing you to the purchase. We would suggest that you ask Accord Mortgages to contact your lawyer in writing confirming that they will accept the remaining number of years left on the lease.