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Examples of recent questions relating to the Barnsley Building Society Conveyancing Panel

The lawyer my husband and I wanted to use for conveyancing on a purchase said she will levy higher legal fees if my mortgage is with Barnsley Building Society due to their difficult processes! Am I likely to be frustrated using Barnsley Building Society? Is Barnsley Building Society conveyancing so much more difficult?
Barnsley Building Society conveyancing requirements for their panel are no better or no more complicated than most lenders. It is the case now the CML Handbook, the "bible" used by solicitors to establish lender requirements, is different for each lender. It is not clear if your lawyer is on the Barnsley Building Society conveyancing panel. If they are not, this does add further risk of delay as Barnsley Building Society will appoint their own solicitors to look after their interest.
We are only a couple days away from an exchange and my parents having transferred the 10% deposit to my lawyer. I am now advised that as the deposit has not come from me my lawyer needs to disclose this to my lender Barnsley Building Society. Apparently, being on the Barnsley Building Society conveyancing panel and acting on their behalf he must inform Barnsley Building Society if the balance of the mortgage advance is coming from anyone other than me. I disclosed to the bank about my parent’s contribution when I applied for the home loan so is it really necessary for this now to be an issue?
Your lawyer is obliged to check with Barnsley Building Society to make sure that they are aware that the balance of the purchase price is not from your own funds. Your solicitor can only report this to Barnsley Building Society if you agree, failing which, your lawyer must cease to continue acting.
I note that you have a post code search directory identifying firms on the Barnsley Building Society conveyancing panel. Do firms pay you a referral fee if I instruct them for my house purchase?
We are a listing service only for law firms wishing to communicate if they are on the Barnsley Building Society conveyancing panel or other lender panels. We do not charge referral fees to the any conveyancer that you subsequently appoint.
Can you clarify what the consequences are if my lawyer’s firm is removed from the Barnsley Building Society Solicitor panel prior to completion?
First, this is very unlikely to happen. In most cases even where a law firm is removed off of a panel the lender would allow the completion to go ahead as the lender would appreciate the difficulties that they would place you in if you have ti instruct a new solicitor days before completion. In a worst case scenario where the lender insists that you instruct a new firm then it is possible for a very good lawyer to expedite the conveyancing albeit that you may pay a significant premium for this. The analogous situation is where a buyer instructs a lawyer, exchanges contracts and the law firm is shut down by the regulator such as the SRA. Again, in this situation you can find lawyers who can troubleshoot their way to bring the conveyancing to a satisfactory conclusion - albeit at a cost.
I am about to exchange contracts on a purchase with a mortgage from Barnsley Building Society. The report from my solicitor mentions that Barnsley Building Society could withdraw their offer before completion. Is this right?
Banks and Building Societies such as Barnsley Building Society can withdraw their mortgage offer although this is unusual. In the unlikely event that Barnsley Building Society withdraw their offer they may or may not inform you or the lawyer as to the reasons why. There are many potential reasons but here are 5 examples:
  • Where information comes to Barnsley Building Society ‘s attention regarding the customers or the security that they were not aware of prior to offer that affects their original decision to lend
  • If the financial circumstances of the borrower have changed to the detriment and the Barnsley Building Society has been notified
  • Amendments if purchase price adjusted and the loan to value limits exceeded by this. Please note that Barnsley Building Society conveyancing panel solicitors would be obliged to notify Barnsley Building Society of a change in the price of the property.
  • Situations where information provided by the borrower that enabled the lender to make a lending decision is fraudulent, incorrect or misleading.
  • If the solicitor on the Barnsley Building Society conveyancing panel acting for the applicant, borrower, mortgagor or guarantor cannot comply with Barnsley Building Society ‘s instructions
It is not clear whether my mortgage offer obliges me to make sure the lease term for the flat is extended prior to the completion date . I have called Barnsley Building Society on various occasions and told it wasn't a problem and they would lend. My solicitor - who is on the Barnsley Building Society conveyancing panel- telephoned and was told not they would not lend in accordance with their CML Handbook minimum lease term requirements. I simply dont know who is right
As long as the conveyancer is on the Barnsley Building Society panel she or he must comply with the CML Handbook requirements for Barnsley Building Society. Unless your lawyer obtains specific confirmation in writing that Barnsley Building Society will go ahead your lawyer has no choice but to refrain from exchanging contract and committing you to the purchase. We would suggest that you ask Barnsley Building Society to contact your lawyer in writing confirming that they will accept the remaining number of years left on the lease.
Me and my partner are purchasing a 1st floor apartment in Hendon. Conveyancing solicitors in Hendon need to beretained. My friendadvised that we enquire that the property lawyer in Hendon is on the Barnsley Building Society panel. Aren't all lawyers on the Barnsley Building Society panel?
Not all Hendon conveyancing firms are on the Barnsley Building Society conveyancing panel. Click here to search for a Hendon conveyancing lawyer on the on the Barnsley Building Society approved list of lawyers.