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I instructed a solicitor to carry out on my purchase six weeks ago having applied for a mortgage with Cumberland Building Society. The firm assured me that they are on Cumberland Building Society conveyancing panel and gave me their panel reference. Cumberland Building Society then ,via my broker advised that their panel number was dormant and would need to be reactivated. What do I do from here? Do I instruct a different law firm listed on the approved panel for Cumberland Building Society?
You may be very frustrated with the lawyer but if it only go take a few more days they it may be worth waiting as, depending on how far progressed you are you may end up delaying the transaction by a number of weeks if you need to replace your solicitor You may wish to enlist the help of your broker to check with the Cumberland Building Society as to the time frame to get your lawyer reinstated on the panel once again.
We are due to exchange on the purchase a house but as a result of damage from the recent storms I have agreed compensation from the seller of £3k approx by way of a reduction in the price. This was going to be dealt with as part of the conveyancing process but my mortgage company Cumberland Building Society will not agree to this. Why was Cumberland Building Society even consulted?
Your lawyer being on the Cumberland Building Society conveyancing panel is duty bound to inform Cumberland Building Society of any changes to the purchase price. If you were to refuse your lawyers to disclose the reduction to Cumberland Building Society then they would have to discontinue acting for you and Cumberland Building Society.
I have been searching for conveyancing quotes online. Can I be sure that all the practices that are identified on your site are on the Cumberland Building Society conveyancing panel?
The solicitor and licensed conveyancing practices on our directory have advised us that they are on the Cumberland Building Society panel and agreed to advise us to take down their listing in the event of removal off of the Cumberland Building Society panel. To date we have not been informed by either a bank or a member of the public that the data about a specific firm being on the Cumberland Building Society conveyancing panel is not accurate.
What happens if my lawyer’s firm is expelled from the Cumberland Building Society Conveyancing panel prior to the completion date?
The first thing to point out is that, this is a very rare occurrence. In most cases even where a law firm is removed off of a panel the lender would allow the completion to go ahead as the lender would appreciate the difficulties that they would place you in if you have ti instruct a new solicitor days before completion. In a worst case scenario where the lender insists that you instruct a new firm then it is possible for a very good lawyer to expedite the conveyancing albeit that you may pay a significant premium for this. The analogous situation is where a buyer instructs a lawyer, exchanges contracts and the law firm is shut down by the regulator such as the SRA. Again, in this situation you can find lawyers who can troubleshoot their way to bring the conveyancing to a satisfactory conclusion - albeit at a cost.
The for formalities of my remortgage has taken place with a loan from Cumberland Building Society. Conveyancing was of an acceptable standard but I feel I should register my dissatisfaction about Cumberland Building Society. How does one go about formally complaining?
Almost all lenders have complaints procedures. Your first point of contact should be one of the Cumberland Building Society branches or the Customer Services Team at Cumberland Building Society head office. Ordinarily complaints to Cumberland Building Society are sorted out effectively and efficiently. If you feel that the matter is not resolved you can write to the Financial Ombudsman Service at South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR with full details of your complaint.
I recently had an offer accepted on a house. My mortgage broker pressured me to appoint their lawyers I paid an upfront payment of 225. Soon after the conveyancers contacted me sheepishly admitting that they were not on the Cumberland Building Society conveyancing panel. Am I right in thinking that I should be due a refund?
You should be able to recover this from the law firm if they were not on the Cumberland Building Society panel. They should have asked at the outset which lender you were obtaining a mortgage with. An important lesson to readers of this site is to check that the lawyers are on the appropriate lender panel.
I am selling my flat. I had a double glazing fitted in month 7 but did not receive a FENSA certificate or Building Regulation Certificate. My purchaser’s lender, Cumberland Building Society are being problematic. The solicitor who is on the Cumberland Building Society conveyancing panel is recommending indemnity insurance as a solution but Cumberland Building Society are requiring a building regulation certificate. Why do Cumberland Building Society have a conveyancing panel of they don’t accept advice from them?
It is probably the case that Cumberland Building Society have referred the matter to their valuer. The reason why Cumberland Building Society may not want to accept indemnity insurance is because it does not give them any reassurance that the double glazing correctly and safely installed. It merely protects against enforcement action which is very unlikely anyway.