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Ready to buy a new home? Failing to check that a lawyer is on the Holmesdale BS list of approved solicitors can put your transaction at risk of delay or failure.

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Q and A’s regarding the Holmesdale Building Society Solicitor Panel

I need to swap lawyers as my lawyer is not on the Holmesdale Building Society panel of conveyancing solicitors. Is it practical to instruct different lawyers?
If you haven't yet instructed a solicitor to do anything for you and have just received quotes, you're perfectly free to choose a different solicitor to carry out your work for you. The best way is to get recommendations from friends or family who have actually used the solicitor or conveyancer you're considering.
Our solicitor has identified a legal deficiency with the lease for the property we are purchasing. The other side have put forward title insurance as a solution. We are happy with insurance and will cover the costs. Our lawyer says that as he is on the Holmesdale Building Society conveyancing panel he must be satisfied that the lender is happy with this solution. Who is the client here, us or Holmesdale Building Society?
Just because you have a mortgage offer from Holmesdale Building Society does not mean to say that the property will be meet their requirements for the purposes of a mortgage. Your lawyer has to ensure that the lease has to comply with the CML Handbook Requirements. You and Holmesdale Building Society are the client. These conveyancing instructions have to be complied with by the Holmesdale Building Society conveyancing panel who has to balance acting for you and Holmesdale Building Society
How up to date is your database of lawyers on the Holmesdale Building Society conveyancing panel? Do Holmesdale Building Society send you an updated list?
The law firm practices themselves provide us confirmation that they are on the Holmesdale Building Society conveyancing panel as opposed to being supplied with a list from Holmesdale Building Society directly.
I am considering applying for a Holmesdale Building Society mortgage for purchase of a newly converted (under development) with 60% LTV. Is it compulsory to choose a solicitor on the conveyancing panel for Holmesdale Building Society?
In theory, you could use a solicitor that is not on Holmesdale Building Society conveyancing panel, but Holmesdale Building Society would require one of their panel solicitors to be instructed to act in their interests, and you'd have to pay for this - so most people instruct a panel solicitor. It's also easier, as otherwise you'd have to deal with two solicitors for the same transaction.
When it comes to mortgage companies such as Holmesdale Building Society do lawyers have to be pay a fee to be on the conveyancing panel?
We are not aware of any lender fees to be on their panel although some do charge an administration charge to deal with the processing of the conveyancing panel application.
I have today made my last payment due on mortgage with Holmesdale Building Society. I assume I don't need a solicitor on the Holmesdale Building Society panel to remove the mortgage at the Land Registry. Please confirm
If you have finished paying off your Holmesdale Building Society mortgage they may send you evidence showing that you have paid it off. Alternatively they may notify the Land Registry directly. The Land Registry need to see this evidence before they will remove the Holmesdale Building Society mortgage from the register. Holmesdale Building Society,and any evidence they send you, will determine the action you need to take. In cases where no conveyancer is acting for you and you have paid off your mortgage: but are not moving to another property where the Holmesdale Building Society has sent the Land Registry the discharge electronically, and the Holmesdale Building Society has instructed the Land Registry to do so The Land Registry will send you a letter confirming that your Holmesdale Building Society mortgage has been paid off.
I am currently in the process of buying my council flat. I have a mortgage agreed with Holmesdale Building Society. Conveyancing is new to me. Can I proceed without a solicitor easily? I think we can but we keep being told I should use one. Any advice?
It is not advisable proceed with a house purchase without a solicitor. The council's solicitor are not acting for you. You need a solicitor for a number reasons. One of which is to verify what plans the Council have for repairs and refurbishment for the next five years. Many leaseholders have been stung for contributions of thousands of pounds. In any event if you are getting a mortgage with Holmesdale Building Society you will need to appoint a solicitor on the Holmesdale Building Society conveyancing panel.