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Keystone Property Finance Conveyancing Panel : Questions and Answers

My lawyer is not listed on the Keystone Property Finance Solicitor Panel. Can I still continue with my family solicitor notwithstanding that they are excluded from the Keystone Property Finance approved list?
You have a number of options available to you here:
  1. Carry on with your preferred lawyers but Keystone Property Finance will need to instruct a lawyer on the Keystone Property Finance conveyancing panel. This will result in additional cost and potential delay.
  2. Get a new solicitor to act in the purchase, obviously checking they are on the Keystone Property Finance conveyancing panel.
  3. Urge your lawyer to apply to join the Keystone Property Finance lender panel
Please help. My solicitor is informing me me that he has to apply for a Local Authority search stemming from the fact that the firm are on the Keystone Property Finance approved lawyer panel. The searches cost a lot of money. Can this be avoided?
You have limited options available to you. Given that you are taking out a loan with Keystone Property Finance your lawyer has to comply with their conditions as set out in their version of the CML Conveyancing Handbook. Your lawyer would have previously signed the Terms and Conditions of Keystone Property Finance’s conveyancing panel appointment which obliges them to follow the CML Handbook requirements last updated Keystone Property Finance. even if you were a cash buyer you would be ill advised not to carry out a local authority search.
I need to find a Keystone Property Finance panel solicitor in Inverness. Can you assist?
It is not clear why you need a Keystone Property Finance panel solicitor but in any event, if you can not find one on our search tool you will need to speak directly to Keystone Property Finance to find out which solicitors in Keystone Property Finance are on their panel. If you do find such a firm not listed please direct them to our site to list. At a fee of one pound per month it is not expensive to register on the site
I am trying to get my former partner removed the mortgage deeds. Can Keystone Property Finance really tell me which solicitor I can or can not instruct?
You can use any solicitor you like but Keystone Property Finance then has the right to appoint a different solicitor to act for them at your expense. It might be more cost effective and quicker to instruct a lawyer who is on the Keystone Property Finance solicitors panel
Why might a lender such as Keystone Property Finance withdraw a mortgage offer?
Lenders such as Keystone Property Finance can revoke their mortgage offer although this rarely happens. If Keystone Property Finance withdraw their offer they may or may not inform you or the lawyer as to their reasoning. There are various possible reasons but here are a number of examples:
  • Where information comes to Keystone Property Finance ‘s attention regarding the customers or the security that they were not aware of prior to offer that affects their original decision to lend
  • Keystone Property Finance may amend or withdraw an offer if the Keystone Property Finance conveyancing panel solicitor is unable to confirm compliance with any of the conditions of the mortgage offer or if any of the terms of the mortgage offer cannot be satisfied
  • If the borrower informs Keystone Property Finance of a change in the loan amount agreed
  • Where the Lender’s right to possession is fettered in some way
  • If the lender reasonably believe that the applicant, borrower, mortgagor or guarantor is insolvent or is about to become insolvent or has or will have a petition presented or if any one or all enter into any arrangement with their creditors generally or if any one or all should suffer a material change in their financial circumstances
For 5 years I had a mortgage with Keystone Property Finance. My grandfather retired last week and wants to pay off the mortgage left on the property. After Keystone Property Finance is paid, I want to transfer the property to my mother's name; How long does the process take? Do we need two separate solicitors on the Keystone Property Finance conveyancing panel? I do not intend to live at the property once the Keystone Property Finance mortgage is discharged.
Although you do need to retain the services of a lawyer they dont need to be on the Keystone Property Finance panel. You will need a solicitor to draw up the transfer and to deal with the Land Registry formalities. The only thing you need to consider is that by selling at an undervalue so ask your lawyer about the implications. There could be an inheritance tax issue if you die within 7 years of this. There's no capital gains tax for you as it is your main residence.
I have a mortgage with Keystone Property Finance. Conveyancing has been completed some time ago. Should I wish to rent out the flat and do not currently have a buy-to-let mortgage do I need to remortgage to a BTL mortgage or inform Keystone Property Finance?
Keystone Property Finance must be informed of your intention before letting out your property as this is likely to be a breach of Keystone Property Finance’s mortgage conditions. In many cases banks or building societies will permit you to let out your former home without needing to switch to a buy-to-let mortgage but some lenders will add a surcharge to your mortgage rate to reflect the higher risk. You should contact Keystone Property Finance directly. You need not do this via a Keystone Property Finance conveyancing panel lawyer.