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Q and A’s regarding the Mortgage Express (No 2) Solicitor Panel

We are hoping to buy a 3 bedroom apartment in Leeds with a mortgage from Mortgage Express (No 2). We have a lawyer but Mortgage Express (No 2) says she’s not on their "panel". It seems we have little choice but to instruct one of the Mortgage Express (No 2) panel firms or keep our solicitor and pay for one of their panel ones to represent them. This seems very unfair; Can we not simply insist that Mortgage Express (No 2) use our lawyer?
No, not really. The mortgage offered to you is subject to its terms and conditions, one of which will be that lawyers will on the Mortgage Express (No 2) conveyancing panel. Until recently, most lenders had large numbers of law firms on their panels: a borrower could choose one for themselves, as long as it was on the lender's panel. The lender would then simply instruct the borrower's lawyers to act for the lender, too. You can use your lender's panel lawyers or you could borrow from another lender which does not restrict your choice. A further alternative is for your solicitors to apply to be on the conveyancing panel for Mortgage Express (No 2)
Our solicitor has discovered a legal deficiency with the lease for the property we are buying. The other side have offered defective title insurance as a workaround. We are content with insurance and will cover the costs. Our solicitor says that as he is on the Mortgage Express (No 2) conveyancing panel he must ensure that the lender is happy with this solution. Are we the client or is Mortgage Express (No 2)?
Just because you have a mortgage offer from Mortgage Express (No 2) does not mean to say that the property will be meet their requirements for the purposes of a mortgage. Your lawyer has to ensure that the lease has to comply with the CML Handbook Requirements. You and Mortgage Express (No 2) are the client. The appropriate lender requirements must be adhered to by the Mortgage Express (No 2) conveyancing panel who has to balance acting for you and Mortgage Express (No 2)
I see that you have a post code search directory identifying solicitors on the Mortgage Express (No 2) conveyancing panel. Do firms pay you a referral fee if I appoint them for my own conveyancing?
We are a listing service only for law firms wishing to communicate if they are on the Mortgage Express (No 2) conveyancing panel or other lender panels. We do not charge referral fees to the any conveyancer that you subsequently appoint.
My house is up for sale and I have a buyer. Does my solicitor have to be on the Mortgage Express (No 2) conveyancing panel in order to deal with paying off my mortgage?
Ordinarily, even if your lawyer is not on the Mortgage Express (No 2) conveyancing panel they can still act for you on your sale. it might be that the lender will not release the original deeds (if applicable and increasingly irrelevant) until after the mortgage is paid off. You should speak to your lawyer directly before you start the process though to ensure that there is no problem as lenders are changing their requirements fairly frequently at the moment.
We have agreed to purchase a house.One unusual aspect is that the roof has a solar panel. Mortgage Express (No 2) have issued a mortgage offer so presumably this is not a concern to them. Why is my solicitor raising questions about the panel?
As you are obtaining a mortgage with Mortgage Express (No 2) your lawyer must to check the Mortgage Express (No 2) conveyancing instructions contained in the Part of CML Handbook for Mortgage Express (No 2) . The CML Handbook contains minimum requirements for solar panel roof-space leases, and solicitors are required to report to Mortgage Express (No 2) where a lease does not meet these requirements. The requirements relate to the installation of panels on properties in England and Wales. The CML are developing guidance for Northern Ireland and Scotland.
Hi, thinking about buying a house off my mate. Assuming we can agree a figure, what’s the best way to proceed? I plan to obtain a mortgage with Mortgage Express (No 2). Is there anyway to cut out the solicitors to save us both money? My father said that years ago it was possible to take the documents into the local Land Registry office and they did the rest
If you are getting a mortgage with Mortgage Express (No 2) involved you will need to appoint a solicitor on the Mortgage Express (No 2) conveyancing panel. We would not encourage you to both use the same solicitors' firm. There are clear conflict of interest issues and it's not going to make a huge difference to the speed of the overall process. So as not to hold things us you should pass on your solicitors details to Mortgage Express (No 2). Feel free to use our search tool to look for a licensed conveyancer or solicitor on the Mortgage Express (No 2) conveyancing panel.
I have had an offer accepted on a apartment I spoke to a conveyancer recommended by my dad and he suggested retaining a property lawyers approved by Mortgage Express (No 2). The estate agent recommended two local firms so I asked Mortgage Express (No 2) if the 2 suggested solicitors are approved, which they are not. Mortgage Express (No 2) pointed out that either practice can fill out the appropriate forms to become approved. Do I (1) save myself the aggravation and use one of Mortgage Express (No 2) 's conveyancing panel solicitors (2) Use the local solicitor and accept there may be delays etc as they go through the approval process.
Enquire of Mortgage Express (No 2) for conveyancing panel firms in your area. Most banks have lawyers on their panel throughout the UK. You can also use our search tool at the top of this page to search for a lawyer on the Mortgage Express (No 2) conveyancing panel based on location. If you particularly like the sound of one of the local lawyers that you have spoken to ask them if they would go onto Mortgage Express (No 2) conveyancing panel as it may only take about 2-3 weeks. As long as they meet Mortgage Express (No 2)’s requirements it can be a very simple job for the solicitor. Other stuff will be going on in parallel (as you are at an early stage) so it may not delay matters.