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Ready to buy a new home? Failing to check that a lawyer is on the NRAM list of approved solicitors can put your transaction at risk of delay or failure.

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Examples of recent questions relating to the NRAM Ltd Solicitor Panel

The solicitor my husband and I wanted to use for conveyancing on a remortgage said she will levy higher legal fees if my mortgage is with NRAM Ltd because of their unusual legal requirements. Will I regret using NRAM Ltd? Is NRAM Ltd conveyancing so much more difficult?
NRAM Ltd conveyancing requirements for their panel are no better or no more complicated than most lenders. It is the case now the CML Handbook, the "bible" used by solicitors to establish lender requirements, is different for each lender. It is not clear if your lawyer is on the NRAM Ltd conveyancing panel. If they are not, this does add further risk of delay as NRAM Ltd will appoint their own solicitors to look after their interest.
Our son is about to exchange on a newly built flat with a home loan from NRAM Ltd. His solicitor has advised him of a delay in completing the ‘Disclosure of Incentive Form’. Who needs to receive the form?
The form is intended to provide information to the main parties involved in the transaction. Therefore, it will be provided to your son’s lawyer who should be on the NRAM Ltd conveyancing panel as a standard part of the process, and to the surveyor when requested.

The Developer will be required to start the process by downloading the form and completing it.

The form will therefore need to be available for the valuer at the time of his or her site visit. The form should be sent to the NRAM Ltd conveyancing panel solicitor as early as possible, in order to avoid any last minute delays, and no later than at exchange of contracts.

I have checked your search tool I can't find the lawyer I was hoping to instruct as being on the NRAM Ltd conveyancing panel. My lawyer has said that they are on the NRAM Ltd approved panel. How can I be sure given that they are not listed on your directory?
Not all firms are yet listed on our lender panel search tool which is still relatively new. Law firms are listing on a daily basis and it is probably the case that your lawyer is on the NRAM Ltd conveyancing lawyer and you should probably take them at their word. Please do feel free to suggest that they completing their listing on our site as it would only cost them £1 a month to list themselves as being on the NRAM Ltd solicitor panel.
We're in Wales, First timers purchasing with a mortgage (lender is NRAM Ltd , but our lawyer is on the NRAM Ltd conveyancing panel). How long should the conveyancing process take?
The fact that your lawyer is on the NRAM Ltd conveyancing panel is a help. It would almost certainly delay matters if they were not. However, no conveyancer should guarantee a time-frame for your conveyancing due to third parties outside of our control such as delays caused by lenders,conveyancing search providers or by the other side’s solicitors. The time taken is often determined by the number of parties in a chain
Is it the case that all conveyancing solicitors on the NRAM Ltd conveyancing panel work on a no move no charge basis?
There is generally no requirements by lenders for their firms to operate on a no-sale-no-fee basis. There a small number of lenders who operate a very restricted conveyancing panel managed by a third party company (often termed in the industry as a ‘gatekeeper’). That third party may impose certain conditions such as non-sale-no fee on the panel firms. If you require this as a condition of your conveyancing then you should check with the conveyancing firm that this is part of their package
I have today made my last payment due on mortgage with NRAM Ltd. I assume I don't need a solicitor on the NRAM Ltd panel to remove the mortgage at the Land Registry. Please confirm
If you have finished paying off your NRAM Ltd mortgage they may send you evidence showing that you have paid it off. Alternatively they may notify the Land Registry directly. The Land Registry need to see this evidence before they will remove the NRAM Ltd mortgage from the register. NRAM Ltd,and any evidence they send you, will determine the action you need to take. In cases where no conveyancer is acting for you and you have paid off your mortgage: but are not moving to another property where the NRAM Ltd has sent the Land Registry the discharge electronically, and the NRAM Ltd has instructed the Land Registry to do so The Land Registry will send you a letter confirming that your NRAM Ltd mortgage has been paid off.
My husband and I are remortgaging a 1st floor apartment in Hendon. Conveyancing solicitors in Hendon need to beinstructed. My colleagueadvised that we double-check that the property lawyer in Hendon is on the NRAM Ltd approved list of lawyers. Aren't all lawyers on the NRAM Ltd panel?
Not all Hendon conveyancing solicitors are on the NRAM Ltd conveyancing panel. 7 people a month use our search tool to find a Hendon conveyancing practitioner on the on the NRAM Ltd list of approved conveyancing firms.