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FAQs : The Precise Mortgages Solicitor Panel

I appointed a firm of solicitors to work on my remortgage six weeks ago having applied for a mortgage with Precise Mortgages. The solicitors confirmed to me that they are on Precise Mortgages conveyancing panel and advised me their panel reference. Precise Mortgages then ,via my broker advised that their panel number was dormant and would need to be reactivated. What do I do from here? Should I appoint a new solicitor currently on the conveyancing panel for Precise Mortgages?
The answer depends on whether you still have confidence in the said solicitors and how long it will take for the firm to be reinstated on the Precise Mortgages conveyancing panel You may wish to enlist the help of your broker to check with the Precise Mortgages as to how long they think it will take to get the firm to get back on the panel.
My conveyancer has discovered a difference between the information in Precise Mortgages’s home valuation report and what is in the conveyancing documents. My solicitor has advised that as he is on the Precise Mortgages conveyancing panel he is duty bound to ensure that the bank is OK with this discrepancy and is still content to lend. Is my solicitor’s course or action correct?
A precondition to being on the Precise Mortgages approved panel is to comply with the CML Handbook requirements (last updated for this lender on Precise Mortgages) which do require that your lawyer disclose any incorrect assumptions in the lender’s valuation report and the legal papers. Should you refuse to allow your lawyer to make the appropriate notification then your lawyer will have no choice but to discontinue acting for both parties.
I need to find a Precise Mortgages panel solicitor in Belfast. Can you assist?
Unfortunately it’s not apparent why you need a Precise Mortgages panel solicitor but in any event, if you can not find one on our search tool you will need to speak directly to Precise Mortgages to find out which solicitors in Precise Mortgages are on their panel. If you do find such a firm not listed please direct them to our site to list. After all the cost is only one £1 a month
We're in Birmingham, First time buyers buying with a mortgage (lender is Precise Mortgages , but our lawyer is on the Precise Mortgages conveyancing panel). How long should the conveyancing process take?
The fact that your lawyer is on the Precise Mortgages conveyancing panel is a help. It would almost certainly delay matters if they were not. However, no conveyancer should guarantee a time-frame for your conveyancing due to third parties outside of our control such as delays caused by lenders,conveyancing search providers or by the other side’s solicitors. The time taken is often determined by the number of parties in a chain
I previously instructed online solicitors located in Cardiff who are on the Precise Mortgages solicitor panel. They are now charging me a separate fee of £150 for the legal aspects of the Precise Mortgages mortgage. Is this a supplemental conveyancing fee specified by Precise Mortgages?
Unfortunately, as long as it is in their Terms and Conditions or Quote then yes your solicitors can charge a fee for this. This fee is not set by Precise Mortgages but by your lawyers. Some firms on the Precise Mortgages will charge an ‘acting for lender’ fee and others do not.
Completion of my remortgage has taken place with a mortgage from Precise Mortgages. Conveyancing was a necessary evil but I would like to complain about Precise Mortgages. Who do I contact should I wish to lodge a complaint?
Most banks and building societies have complaints procedures. Your first port of call should be one of the Precise Mortgages branches or the Customer Care Team at Precise Mortgages head office. In most cases complaints to Precise Mortgages are sorted out effectively and efficiently. However if you are not satisfied that the matter is resolved you can write to the Financial Ombudsman Service who will take matters further.
Me and my partner are acquiring a house in Hendon. Conveyancing solicitors in Hendon need to begiven the go-ahead. My fathersuggested that we double-check that the conveyancing practitioner in Hendon is on the Precise Mortgages solicitors panel. Surely I don't need to do this, do I?
It is not that case that all Hendon conveyancing practices are on the Precise Mortgages conveyancing panel. 8 people a month use our search tool to find a Hendon conveyancing practitioner on the on the Precise Mortgages list of approved conveyancing firms.