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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Lynmouth

When will exchange of contracts happen for domestic conveyancing in Lynmouth and am I required to attend the lawyers branch?

If you are near to our conveyancing solicitors in Lynmouth you are welcome to attend to sign documents. That being said, the firms we recommend provide countrywide coverage for conveyancing and provide as equally detailed and professional a job for you when communicating with you electronically. The executing of the contract is not the point of no return. A signed contract simply enables the conveyancer to exchange contracts when the time is right, which is ordinarily shortly after signing. The procedure is is usually a five minute process, although where an extended "chain" is involved, since the process requires the relevant party's solicitor (not necessarily a conveyancing solicitor in Lynmouth)to be in the office at the appropriate time.

2 months have elapsed since my purchase conveyancing in Lynmouth concluded. I have checked the Land Registry website which shows that I paid £200,000 when infact I paid £215,000. Why the discrepancy?

The price paid figure is taken from the application to register the purchase. It is the figure included in the Transfer (the legal deed which transfers the residence from one person to the other) and referred to as the 'consideration' or purchase price. You can report an error in the price paid figure using the LR online form. In most cases errors result from typos so at first glance the figure. Do report it so they can double check and advise.

Should I be concerned about brokers that I am dealing with are suggesting a nationwide conveyancing firm as opposed to a High Street Lynmouth conveyancing practice?

As is the case with many professional services, often recommendations from connections can be worth their weight in gold. Yet there are lots of parties with a vested interest in a conveyancing deal; estate agents, financial adviser and mortgage companies might all put forward lawyers to instruct. On occasion these conveyancers might be known to one of the organisations as one of the best in their field, but occasionally there might be a financial incentive behind the recommendation. You have the right to appoint your preferred conveyancer. You need to be aware that the majority of banks specify a panel list of law firms you are obliged to use for the lender related work in your house move.

Is it best to use a Lynmouth conveyancing lawyer who is local to the property I am purchasing? An old friend can perform the conveyancing but his firm is located 200miles drive away.

The primary upside of using a local Lynmouth conveyancing practice is that you can pop in to sign paperwork, present your identification documents and pester them where appropriate. Having local Lynmouth know how is a benefit. That being said it's more important to get someone that will do a good and efficient job. If other friends have instructed your friend and in the main were impressed that must trump using an unfamiliar Lynmouth conveyancing solicitor just because they are local.

Back In 2006, I bought a leasehold house in Lynmouth. Conveyancing and Skipton Building Society mortgage are in place. A letter has just been received from someone claiming to own the freehold. Attached was a ground rent demand for rent dating back to 1996. The conveyancing solicitor in Lynmouth who acted for me is not around. What should I do?

First make enquiries of HMLR to make sure that the individual purporting to own the freehold is in fact the new freeholder. It is not necessary to instruct a Lynmouth conveyancing firm to do this as you can do this on the Land Registry website for £3. You should note that regardless, even if this is the rightful landlord, under the Limitation Act 1980 the limitation period for recovery of ground rent is six years.

I invested in buying a 1 bedroom flat in Lynmouth, conveyancing formalities finalised in 1998. Can you let me have an estimate of the premium that my landlord can legally expect in return for granting a renewal of my lease? Equivalent flats in Lynmouth with an extended lease are worth £180,000. The ground rent is £65 invoiced annually. The lease comes to an end on 21st October 2080

With only 59 years unexpired we estimate the price of your lease extension to be between £20,900 and £24,200 as well as professional fees.

The figure that we have given is a general guide to costs for extending a lease, but we are not able to supply a more accurate figure without more comprehensive due diligence. You should not use this information in a Notice of Claim or as an informal offer. There are no doubt other issues that need to be considered and clearly you want to be as accurate as possible in your negotiations. You should not move forward based on this information before getting professional advice.

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