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Frequently asked questions relating to the Monmouthshire Building Society Conveyancing Panel

The solicitor I had intended to instruct on a purchase said he will levy higher legal fees if my mortgage is with Monmouthshire Building Society due to their difficult processes! Am I likely to be frustrated using Monmouthshire Building Society? Is Monmouthshire Building Society conveyancing so much more difficult?
Monmouthshire Building Society conveyancing requirements for their panel are no better or no more complicated than most lenders. It is the case now the CML Handbook, the "bible" used by solicitors to establish lender requirements, is different for each lender. It is not clear if your lawyer is on the Monmouthshire Building Society conveyancing panel. If they are not, this does add further risk of delay as Monmouthshire Building Society will appoint their own solicitors to look after their interest.
My partner and I are refinancing our apartment with Monmouthshire Building Society. We have a son approaching twenty who lives with us. The solicitor on the Monmouthshire Building Society conveyancing panel requested us to identify any adults other than ourselves who lives in the flat. The solicitor has now sent a form for our son to sign, waiving any legal rights in the event that the property is repossessed. I have a couple of questions (1) Is this form unique to the Monmouthshire Building Society conveyancing panel as he did not need to sign this form when we bought 4 years ago (2) In signing this form is our son in any way compromising his right to inherit the property?
On the face of it your lawyer has done nothing wrong as it is established procedure for any occupier who is aged 17 or over to sign the necessary Consent Form, which is purely to state that any rights he has in the property are postponed and secondary to Monmouthshire Building Society .This is solely used to protect the Monmouthshire Building Society if the property were re-possessed so that in such circumstances, your son would be legally obliged to leave.

It does not impact your son’s right to inherit the apartment. Please note that if your son were to inherit and the mortgage in favour of Monmouthshire Building Society had not been discharged, he would be liable to take over the loan or pay it off, but other than that, there is nothing stopping him from keeping the property in accordance with your will or the rules of intestacy.

I have been looking for competitive conveyancing fees. Can I be assured that all the firms that are listed on your website are on the Monmouthshire Building Society conveyancing panel?
The solicitor and licensed conveyancing practices on our directory have advised us that they are on the Monmouthshire Building Society panel and agreed to advise us to take down their listing in the event of removal off of the Monmouthshire Building Society panel. To date we have not been informed by either a mortgage company or a member of the public that the data about a specific firm being on the Monmouthshire Building Society conveyancing panel is not accurate.
I am purchasing a semi-detached house and getting a mortgage with Monmouthshire Building Society. Can I do my own conveyancing?
Leaving aside the complexities and merits of DIY conveyancing you will have to appoint a solicitor on the Monmouthshire Building Society conveyancing panel to look after their interests. Most people therefore find it easier to let the solicitor act for them and the lender. Furthermore there is minimal cost savings to made in you doing to conveyancing for yourself and another lawyer conducting the conveyancing for the lender. Please feel free to use the search tool to find a lawyer on the Monmouthshire Building Society conveyancing panel in your location.
I had instructed online conveyancers based in London who are on the Monmouthshire Building Society solicitor panel. They are now charging me a separate fee of £135 for dealing with the Monmouthshire Building Society mortgage. Is this a supplemental conveyancing fee specified by Monmouthshire Building Society?
Unfortunately, as long as it is in their Terms and Conditions or Quote then yes your solicitors can charge a fee for this. This fee is not set by Monmouthshire Building Society but by your lawyers. Some firms on the Monmouthshire Building Society will charge an ‘acting for lender’ fee but plenty of firms include it on their overall fee.
Completion of my remortgage has taken place with a mortgage from Monmouthshire Building Society. Conveyancing was of an acceptable standard but I feel I should register my dissatisfaction about Monmouthshire Building Society. How do I make a complaint?
All lenders have complaints procedures. Your first point of contact should be one of the Monmouthshire Building Society branches or the Customer Services Team at Monmouthshire Building Society head office. Ordinarily complaints to Monmouthshire Building Society are resolved very quickly. If you feel that the matter is not resolved you can write to the Financial Ombudsman Service at South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR with full details of your complaint.
I am selling my apartment. I had a double glazing fitted in month 2010 but did not receive a FENSA certificate or Building Regulation Certificate. My purchaser’s mortgage company, Monmouthshire Building Society are being difficult. The solicitor who is on the Monmouthshire Building Society conveyancing panel is recommending indemnity insurance as a solution but Monmouthshire Building Society are insisting on a building regulation certificate. Why do Monmouthshire Building Society have a conveyancing panel of they don’t accept advice from them?
It is probably the case that Monmouthshire Building Society have referred the matter to their valuer. The reason why Monmouthshire Building Society may not want to accept indemnity insurance is because it does not give them any reassurance that the double glazing correctly and safely installed. It merely protects against enforcement action which is very unlikely anyway.