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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Great Barford

My mortgage broker has asked me for my Great Barford law firm’s panel reference for the HSBC conveyancing panel. What is the best way to find this out. I have contacted my local Great Barford office but they don't know it.

The sensible thing to do is ask for this information from your Great Barford conveyancing practitioner . Most Great Barford conveyancing practices will retain a file or database of lender panel information which would include, if applicable, their conveyancing panel details for each bank.

Finally the sale completed on my house in Great Barford last March but our buyer keeps calling me to say their lawyer is waiting to hear from mine. What should my lawyer have done following completion?

Post completion of your sale your conveyancer is obliged to send the transfer deeds and all of the paperwork to the buyer’s lawyers. If applicable, your lawyer must also evidence that the home loan has been discharged to the buyers lawyers. There is unlikely to be post completion steps peculiar conveyancing in Great Barford.

Me and my partner are purchasing a house in Great Barford. It might be a silly question but how we can trust a conveyancer? On the day of competition we have to put our life savings into their account. What protection do we have from them run away with our monies?

Be assured that all money in a Solicitors client account is 100% safe, and even if your Solicitor ran off with it, the Law Society would reimburse you fully.

Have just purchased a probate house at auction in Great Barford. Conveyancing is needed. What happens now?

Having to all intents and purposes signed on the dotted line you will need to appoint a conveyancing lawyer soon as you are faced with a fast approaching deadline in which to complete the conveyancing. All auction property will ordinarily have a bespoke legal set of papers. This should include evidence of title and search results. In the case of leasehold premises the conveyancing pack may contain a copy of the lease, management information and a sellers leasehold information form and other conveyancing documentation pertinent to a leasehold property. You must give this to your appointed conveyancing solicitor ASAP. Do make sure that that you have the requisite funding organised to complete on the date specified in the contract.

A friend pointed out to me me that in purchasing a property in Great Barford there may be a number of restrictions affecting the ability to carry out external changes to the property. Is this right?

We are aware of anumerous of properties in Great Barford which have some sort of restriction or requirement of consent to external changes. Part of the conveyancing in Great Barford should determine what restrictions are applicable and advising you as part of a ROT that should be sent to you.

I moved into my house on 10 March and the transaction details is not yet on the land registry website. Need I be worried? My conveyancing solicitor in Great Barford advises it will be concluded inside ten days. Are properties in Great Barford particularly slow to register?

There is nothing unique about conveyancing in Great Barford registration formalities. Rather than based on location, timescales can differ subject to who lodges the application, whether it is in order and whether the Land registry have to notify any 3rd parties. Currently approximately 80% of submission are completed within two weeks but some can be subject to extensive delays. Historically registration takes place after the buyer is living at the premises so post completion formalities is not always primary concern yet if there is a degree of urgency associated with the registration then you or your conveyancer must speak with the land registry and explain the circumstances.

I have miscalculated my finances and am a couple of thousand pounds short a 10% deposit on my house purchase in Great Barford , but I am keen go ahead. What can I do?

One option is to try and agree a smaller deposit. Many property owners will accept a lesser deposit or even no deposit for a first time buyer or 100% mortgage. Be aware though that if you fail to complete you will still need to hand over a minimum of 10% of the purchase price regardless of how much deposit was agreed.

You can also agree a simultaneous exchange and completion as no deposit is required for this however neither party will be tied in until completion actually takes place and it can be risky if sellers change their mind at the last second

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