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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Rainford

Me and my partner are soon to complete on the purchase of a house in Rainford but as a consequence of wreckage from a small fire at the property I have managed to agree compensation from the current proprietors in the sum of £3k in the form of a deduction in the price. This was going to be dealt with as part of a side agreement but Lloyds will not agree to this. Why were they approached?

Any property lawyer that is on the Lloyds approved list is obliged to disclose to Lloyds of any changes to the purchase price. If you were to refuse your lawyer to report the reduction to Lloyds then they would have to discontinue acting for you. In addition, Lloyds and you would have to appoint a new lawyer for your conveyancing in Rainford.

Completed the sale of my flat in Rainford last February but my buyer keeps SMS messaging daily to say their conveyancer is waiting to hear from mine. What are the post completion sale formalities following completion?

Following your disposal your solicitor is obliged to deliver the transfer deeds and all supplemental paperwork to the purchaser's solicitors. Depending on the transaction, your solicitor should also confirm that the mortgage has been paid off to the buyers solicitors. There are no post completion steps just for conveyancing in Rainford.

Is it possible to switch firm as I need to appoint one who is on the Nationwide Building Society conveyancing panel. I instructed a family conveyancing solicitor in Rainford five minutes from me but the firm is not accepted by Nationwide Building Society

We will our best to assist in finding you a conveyancing solicitor in Rainford on the Nationwide Building Society panel. Please note that the property lawyers that we work with do not pay us commission if you instruct them and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority who regulate all conveyancing solicitors in Rainford. In making use of the find a conveyancing solicitor tool on this page, you can scrutinise costs for conveyancing solicitors in Rainford and throughout England and Wales.

My father has encouraged me to instruct his conveyancing solicitors in Rainford. Should I choose my own solicitor?

Much as we are happy to recommend a Rainford conveyancing lawyer it’s preferable to select a conveyancing practitioner is to have recommendations from friends or family who have previously instructed the firm that you are contemplating using.

Can you provide any advice for leasehold conveyancing in Rainford with the aim of saving time on the sale process?

  • A significant proportion of the delay in leasehold conveyancing in Rainford can be avoided if you get in touch lawyers the minute your agents start advertising the property and ask them to collate the leasehold documentation which will be required by the buyers’ solicitors.
  • If you have carried out any alterations to the property would they have required Landlord’s permission? In particular have you laid down wooden flooring? Most leases in Rainford state that internal structural alterations or laying down wooden flooring calls for a licence from the Landlord consenting to such works. Should you fail to have the paperwork to hand do not contact the landlord without checking with your lawyer first. If there is a history of any disputes with your freeholder or managing agents it is very important that these are resolved prior to the flat being put on the market. The buyers and their solicitors will be reluctant to purchase a property where there is an ongoing dispute. You will have to accept that you will have to pay any arrears of service charge or resolve the dispute prior to completion of the sale. It is therefore preferable to have any dispute settled ahead of the contract papers being issued to the buyers’ solicitors. You are still duty bound to disclose details of the dispute to the buyers, but it is clearly preferable to present the dispute as over rather than unresolved. If you are supposed to have a share in the Management Company, you should ensure that you are holding the original share certificate. Obtaining a new share certificate is often a lengthy process and frustrates many a Rainford home move. If a duplicate share is required, do contact the company officers or managing agents (if applicable) for this at the earliest opportunity.

Rainford Leasehold Conveyancing - Sample of Queries before buying

    Plenty Rainford leasehold apartments will be liable to pay a service bill for the upkeep of the building set on behalf of the landlord. Should you acquire the apartment you will have to meet this charge, normally in instalments throughout the year. This could be anything from a couple of hundred pounds to thousands of pounds for buildings with lifts and large communal grounds. In all likelihood there will be a ground rent for you to pay annual, normally this is not a large figure, say approximately £50-£100 but you should to enquire as sometimes it could be many hundreds of pounds. Best to be warned if fixing the lift or some other significant cost is coming up that will be shared between the tenants and will materially increase the the maintenance fees or require a one off payment. The answer will be useful as a) areas could cause problems in the building as the communal areas may begin to deteriorate where services are not paid for b) if the leaseholders have a dispute with the running of the building you will want to have all the details

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