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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Grove Park

I was referred a conveyancer who has given a fee estimate £1400 for no sale no fee conveyancing in Grove Park. I’m hoping to sell a purpose built house for £175,000. Are these estimated fees excessive? Is it above what I should be paying for conveyancing in Grove Park?

The estimate does seem a tad overpriced. If you are content to expend time comparing prices you may be able to get the conveyancing a bit cheaper by perhaps a hundred pounds. On the other hand, you couldcome to rue opting for an an untested solicitor. Don't forget to enquire the conveyancer can act for your lender. Do employ our comparison tool to select a Grove Park conveyancing firm on the banks conveyancing panel which can often include conveyancing solicitors in Grove Park.

I own a freehold premises in Grove Park but still charged rent, why is this and what is this?

It’s unusual for properties in Grove Park and has limited impact for conveyancing in Grove Park but some freehold properties in England (particularly common in North West England) pay an annual sum known as a Chief Rent or a Rentcharge to a third party who has no other legal interest in the land.

Rentcharge payments are usually between £2.00 and £5.00 per year. Rentcharges have existed for hundreds of years, but the Rent Charge Act 1977 barred the creation of new rentcharges from 1977 onwards.

Previous rentcharges can now be redeemed by making a lump sum payment under the Act. Any rentcharges that are still in existence in 2037 will be dispensed with completely.

Are all Grove Park Conveyancing Quality Solicitors on the RBS conveyancing panel?

It is true that some lenders now make use of the accreditation scheme as the starting point for Panel membership such as HSBC and Santander. CQS membership however gives no guarantee to lender panel acceptance. Nevertheless,the CML have indicated that it is likely to become a pre-requisite for solicitor practices wishing to remain on their approved list of firms.

Is there a list of Skipton panel solicitors in Grove Park on the UK Finance Lenders’ Handbook Website?

Unfortunately not yet. There is no such facility on the CML or Building Society Association websites. Very few banks make their panel listings viewable on the web. If you are seeking to appoint a Grove Park lawyer on the Skipton please use our facility.

I've read lots of house buying guides, I note that it is considered advisable to get your house surveyed prior to buying it. When I asked my local Grove Park solicitor - who is on the RBS conveyancing panel - on this she said they don't do this and I need to contract an independent surveyor. Is that normal?

RBS will need an independent valuation of the property. Your lawyer will not arrange this. Usually RBS will appoint their own surveyor to do this, and you will have to pay for it. Remember that this is a valuation for mortgage purposes and not a survey. You may wish to consider appointing your own Grove Park surveyor to carry out a survey or prepare a home buyers report on the property. It is up to you to satisfy yourself that the property is structurally sound before you buy it. If the survey or report reveals that building work is needed, you should tell your solicitor. You may wish to renegotiate with the seller.

My husband and I are 18 days into a freehold purchase having been directed to solicitors by the estate agent to execute conveyancing in Grove Park. I am not happy. Can you help me find new solicitors?

A lawyer would have to be really poor in order to consider changing them. Has the mortgage offer been issued? In the event that it has you need to inform them of the new solicitor and get the loan are issued to the new lawyers. The conveyancer should be on the banks panel to avoid supplemental expenses and frustration. That should be your first question of the new lawyers. Our search tool will assist you in finding a bank approved conveyancer for your home move in Grove Park

Do you have any advice for leasehold conveyancing in Grove Park from the perspective of saving time on the sale process?

  • A significant proportion of the delay in leasehold conveyancing in Grove Park can be reduced if you appoint lawyers the minute your agents start marketing the property and ask them to collate the leasehold information needed by the buyers’ lawyers.
  • If you have carried out any alterations to the property would they have required Landlord’s approval? In particular have you laid down wooden flooring? Grove Park leases often stipulate that internal structural alterations or installing wooden flooring necessitate a licence issued by the Landlord acquiescing to such works. Should you dont have the approvals to hand do not contact the landlord without contacting your conveyancer in the first instance. If you are supposed to have a share in the freehold, you should make sure that you have the original share certificate. Arranging a replacement share certificate can be a lengthy process and slows down many a Grove Park conveyancing transaction. Where a reissued share certificate is necessary, do contact the company officers or managing agents (if relevant) for this as soon as possible. You may think that you are aware of the number of years remaining on your lease but it would be wise to double-check by asking your conveyancers. A purchaser's conveyancer will be unlikely to recommend their client to where the lease term is under 80 years. It is therefore important at an early stage that you identify whether the lease requires a lease extension. If it does, contact your solicitors before you put your property on the market for sale.

Having spent years of negotiations we cannot agree with our landlord on how much the lease extension should cost for our flat in Grove Park. Can we issue an application to the Residential Property Tribunal Service?

if there is a missing freeholder or where there is dispute about what the lease extension should cost, under the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 you can apply to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to assess the price payable.

An example of a Lease Extension matter before the tribunal for a Grove Park flat is 49 Woodstock Court Burnt Ash Hill in May 2012. the payment of £64,116 by the leaseholder was the premium which the Tribunal found due for the lease extension in this case. This case affected 1 flat. The unexpired term as at the valuation date was 23.26 years.

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