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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Little Burstead

I am getting a mortgage with Lloyds. I intend to use a Licensed Conveyancer in Little Burstead. Does the Lloyds Conveyancing panel exclude conveyancers regulated by the CLC?

The Lloyds approved solicitor list is, like many other lenders, represented by the CML or BSA, open to Licensed Conveyancers regulated by the CLC.

I moved into my home on 2 August and the transaction details are still not registered. Should I be concerned? My conveyancing solicitor in Little Burstead advises it should be concluded in less than a month. Are properties in Little Burstead uniquely lengthy to register?

There is nothing unique about conveyancing in Little Burstead registration formalities. Rather than based on location, timescales can adjust subject to who lodges the application, whether there are errors and whether the Land registry need to notify any 3rd persons or bodies. As of today in the region of three quarters of submission are completed within two weeks but occasionally there can be protracted delays. Historically registration takes place once the new owner has moved in to the property thus 'speed' is not typically primary concern yet if there is a degree of urgency associated with the registration then you or your conveyancer could communicate with the Registry to express the reasoning for the application to be prioritised.

Do I need to be concerned that brokers that I am dealing with are suggesting a factory type conveyancing firm as opposed to a High Street Little Burstead conveyancing practice?

As is the case with lots of service providers, often referrals from connections can be worth their weight in gold. Yet there are many parties with a keen interest in a conveyancing matter; estate agents, financial adviser and banks may recommend solicitors to retain. Sometimes the solicitors might be known to one of the organisations as being good in their field, but sometimes there behind the scenes financial incentive behind the recommendation. You have the right to choose your own lawyer. You need to be aware that many lenders specify a panel list of law firms you must use for the mortgage aspect of your home move.

I am looking at a two apartments in Little Burstead which have in the region of forty five years left on the lease term. Will this present a problem?

There are plenty of short leases in Little Burstead. The lease is a legal document that entitles you to use the premises for a period of time. As a lease shortens the value of the lease deteriorates and it becomes more expensive to acquire a lease extension. For this reason it is advisable to increase the term of the lease. More often than not it is difficult to sell a property with a short lease because mortgage lenders may be reluctant to lend money on such properties. Lease enfranchisement can be a difficult process. We recommend you seek professional assistance from a conveyancer and surveyor with experience in this arena.

Little Burstead Leasehold Conveyancing - Examples of Questions you should consider Prior to buying

    You will want to find out as much as possible concerning the managing agents as they can either make living at the property much easier or problematic. As the owner of a leasehold property you will be in the clutches of the managing agents from a financial perspective and when it comes to day to day issues such as the tidiness of the communal areas. Don't be afraid to ask other tenants if they are happy with them. On a final note, find out the dates that you are obliged pay the service charge to the appropriate party and specifically what you get for your money. Most Little Burstead leasehold properties will be liable to pay a service bill for the upkeep of the building levied on behalf of the management company. If you acquire the property you will have to meet this contribution, usually periodically throughout the year. This could be anything from two or three hundred pounds to thousands of pounds for large purpose-built blocks. There will also be a rentcharge to be met yearly, this is usually not a significant figure, say about £50-£100 but you should to enquire as on occasion it can be prohibitively expensive. What is the yearly maintenance fee and ground rent?

My partner and I have just had an offer accepted on a apartment and had meeting on Wednesday with Nationwide for the mortgage. They warned me that when it comes to choosing a conveyancer that unless they are on their approved panel of lawyers then we will incur an extra charge of £250+. This is because they would then have to instruct a property lawyer to act on their behalf in addition to the one we select for ourselves and we assume responsibility for their fees. I have asked Nationwide to provide me with a list so I can request estimates only from their approved lawyers but was told they dont have such a list to hand over. Is there a list online?

You should ask Nationwide what their criteria for joining their panel is for a conveyancer.Thereafter ask the conveyancing practitioner of your choice whether they fit that criteria and have they acted on mortgages for Nationwide historically. If the answer to those is yes, then just double check with Nationwide. Alternatively please utilise our search facility and we should be able to locate a conveyancer in Little Burstead on the approved list for Nationwide.

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