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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Shillington

The Shillington conveyancing firm handling our Shillington conveyancing has identified a difference when comparing the surveyor’s assumptions in the home valuation report and what is in the legal papers for the property. My lawyer has advised that he needs to ensure that the lender is happy with this discrepancy and is still content to lend. Is my conveyancer’s stance right?

Your lawyer must comply with the UK Finance Lenders’ Handbook requirements which do require that your lawyer disclose any incorrect assumptions in the lender’s valuation report and the legal papers. Should you refuse to allow your lawyer to make the appropriate notification then your lawyer will have no choice but to discontinue acting for both parties.

As someone not used to conveyancing in Shillington what is the number one tip you can give me concerning the home moving process in Shillington

You may not hear this from too many lawyers but conveyancing in Shillington or throughout Bedfordshire is often a confrontational process. Put another way, when it comes to conveyancing there exists an abundance of room for friction between you and other parties involved in the home moving process. For example, the seller, estate agent and even potentially the bank. Choosing a solicitor for your conveyancing in Shillington should not be taken lightly as your conveyancer is your adviser, and is the ONE party in the process whose responsibility is to look after your best interests and to keep you safe.

On occasion a third party with a vested interest will attempt to persuade you that you should follow their advice. For instance, the selling agent may claim to be assisting by claiming that your solicitor is dragging his heels. Or your financial adviser may advise you to do something that is against your lawyers recommendation. You should always trust your lawyer above all other parties when it comes to the legal transfer of property.

My bid for a property was accepted at auction in Shillington. Conveyancing is needed. What are my next steps?

Having for in every practical sense signed on the dotted line you will need to hire the services of a conveyancing practitioner soon as you now have a fast approaching a drop dead date to complete the property. An auction property should have a bespoke auction pack. This should include most,if not all of the paperwork that your conveyancer requires. In the case of leasehold property the auction papers should include a copy of the lease, management information and a sellers leasehold information form and other conveyancing documentation specific to leasehold premises. You need to pass this on to the solicitor working for you at the earliest opportunity. You also need to ensure that that you have the requisite funding in order to complete on the on the contractual date .

I am selling my apartment. I had a double glazing fitted in April 2006, but did not receive a FENSA certificate or Building Regulation Certificate. My buyer's mortgage company, RBS are being problematic. The Shillington solicitor who is on the RBS conveyancing panel is recommending indemnity insurance as a solution but RBS are requiring a building regulation certificate. Why do RBS have a conveyancing panel if they don't accept advice from them?

It is probably the case that RBS have referred the matter to their valuer. The reason why RBS may not want to accept indemnity insurance is because it does not give them any reassurance that the double glazing was correctly and safely installed. The indemnity insurance merely protects against enforcement action which is very unlikely anyway.

Nationwide have agreed my mortgage in principle, my bid on a flat in Shillington has been accepted, now what?

The property agent will want to be advised as to your solicitor's details (ensure that the lawyers are on the bank’s approved list). Contact Nationwide or your financial adviser and finish off any appropriate forms. Nationwide will appoint a valuer who will get in contact with the selling agent or seller to arrange a slot for the valuation to occur. Once conducted (assuming no problems) it takes approximately a fortnight for the mortgage offer to be issued. Nationwide will send the offer to you and your conveyancing practitioners. The transaction will then take it’s course according the nature and complexity of the conveyancing in Shillington.

I need some quick conveyancing in Shillington as I am under an ultimatum to complete within 3 weeks. Thankfully I do not require a mortgage. Is it possible to decline from having conveyancing searches to save money and time?

As you are are a mortgage free buyer you are at liberty not to do searches although no solicitor would suggest that you don't. With plenty of history conveyancing in Shillington the following are examples of issues that can crop up and adversely impact the marketability of the property: Enforcement Notices, Overdue Fees, Overdue Grants, Railway Schemes,...

I am looking into buying my first house which is in Shillington and I am already nervous. I couldn't find anything specific about Shillington. Conveyancing will be needed in due course but do you know about the Shillington area? or perhaps some other tips you can share?

Rather than looking online forget looking online you should go and have a look at Shillington. In the meantime here are some basic statistics that we found

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