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Ready to buy a new home in Cannington? Failing to check that a lawyer is on your lender’s list of approved solicitors can put your Cannington home move at risk of delay or failure.

Only LenderPanel.com provides a subset of authorised Cannington conveyancers for over 130 lenders.

Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Cannington

Are you able to suggest a Accord Mortgages Ltd sanctioned Cannington conveyancing lawyer that can complete within two weeks? Would it be better to use a high street Cannington firm or an online conveyancer?

We can recommend some very good Cannington conveyancing firms. You can also walk up the high street in Cannington. Visit some well established firms and request to speak with a conveyancing solicitor for a quote. Explain your time frames together with your reasons and ask for a commitment on speed. Select the lawyer that appears most efficient.

Completed the sale of my flat in Cannington last February but our buyer keeps telephoning every few hours to moan that his solicitor is waiting to hear from mine. What should my lawyer have done following completion?

After completion of your disposal your solicitor is committed to forward the transfer documentation and all supplemental paperwork to the buyer’s conveyancer. If applicable, your conveyancer should also evidence that the home loan has been redeemed to the buyers conveyancers. There is unlikely to be post completion procedures unique to conveyancing in Cannington.

My uncle passed away last year and as sole heir and executor I was left the house in Cannington. The house had a small mortgage left on it of around £8000. I want to transfer the title deeds into my name whilst I re-mortgage to Clydesdale, pay off the mortgage. Is this allowed?

Given you intend to refinance then Clydesdale will insist on your using a conveyancer on the Clydesdale conveyancing panel. Here is link to the Land Registry online guidance around what to do when a property owner dies. This will help you to understand the registration process behind changing the details re the registered title. in your case it would appear that you are effectively purchasing the property from the estate. Your Clydesdale conveyancing panel solicitor pays the new mortgage money into the estate, the estate pays off the old mortgage, the charge is released and you become the owner and the Clydesdale mortgage is registered as a charge at the Land Registry.

My father-in-law has recommend that I appoint his conveyancers in Cannington. Should I find my own solicitor?

No doubt it’s preferable to find a conveyancing lawyer is to get feedback from friends or family who have actually experience in using the conveyancer that you are are thinking of instructing.

My nephew is embarking on her first house purchase, the home loan was agreed last week in principle. When the seller agreed the offer on the apartment we telephoned the mortgage company to issue the formal offer. I was shocked to learn that banks do not accept all conveyancer, they need to be on their approved list, is this legal?

Lenders normally imposes restrictions either the type or the number of conveyancing firms on their panel. A common example of such restriction(s) being that a firm must have two or more partners. In addition to restricting the type of firm, some have decided to limit the number of firms they use to represent them. You should note that banks have no responsibility for the quality of advice provided by any Cannington conveyancer on their panel. Mortgage fraud was a key driver in the rationalisation of conveyancing panels a few years ago and whilst there are differing views about the extent of solicitor involvement in some of that fraud. Statistics from the Land Registry reveal that thousands of law firms only carry out one or two conveyances a year. Those supporting conveyancing panel cuts ask why law firms should have the right to be on a Lender panel when clearly, conveyancing is not their speciality. To put it another way; would you want a conveyancing solicitor to represent you if you were charged with a crime? Presumably not.

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