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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Eaton Bray

Should commercial conveyancing searches disclose impending roadworks that could impact a commercial property in Eaton Bray?

Many commercial conveyancing solicitors in Eaton Bray will carry out a SiteSolutions Highways report as it dramatically cuts the time that conveyancers invest in researching accurate data on highways that impact buildings and development assets in Eaton Bray. The search result sets out definitive information on the adoption status of roads, footpaths and verges, as well as the implication of traffic schemes and the rights of way surrounding a commercial development sites in Eaton Bray.

For each commercial conveyancing transaction in Eaton Bray it is crucial to investigate the adoption status of roads surrounding a site. Failure to identify developments where adoption procedures have not been addressed adequately can cause delays to Eaton Bray commercial conveyancing transactions as well as pose a risk to future intentions for the site. These searches are not ordered for domestic conveyancing in Eaton Bray.

How does conveyancing in Eaton Bray differ for newly converted properties?

Most buyers of new build or newly converted property in Eaton Bray come to us having been asked by the seller to exchange contracts and commit to the purchase even before the premises is ready to move into. This is because developers in Eaton Bray usually acquire the land, plan the estate and want to get the plots sold off as they are building the properties. Buyers, therefore, will have to exchange contracts without actually seeing the house they are buying. To reduce the chances of losing the property, buyers should instruct conveyancers as soon as the property is reserved and mortgage applications should be submitted quickly. Due to the fact that it could be several months and even years between exchange of contracts and completion, the mortgage offer may need to be extended. It would be wise to use a lawyer who specialises in new build conveyancing especially if they are accustomed to new build conveyancing in Eaton Bray or who has acted in the same development.

I am using a search engine for the words on line conveyancing in Eaton Bray it shows results of many property lawyerslocally. How do I determine which is the suitable conveyancer for the sale of my house?

The ideal way of choosing the right conveyancer is through a personal testimonial, so enquire of colleagues and those you trust who have bought a property in Eaton Bray or the local estate agent or mortgage broker. Charges for conveyancing in Eaton Bray vary, so it's advisable to secure at least four fee calculations from varying types of conveyancers. Make sure that you know that the fees are fixed.

I've found a house that seems to be perfect, at a reasonable figure which is making it more attractive. I have just found out that the title is leasehold rather than freehold. I am assuming that there are particular concerns purchasing a house with a leasehold title in Eaton Bray. Conveyancing solicitors have are about to be appointed. Will my lawyers set out the implications of buying a leasehold house in Eaton Bray ?

The majority of houses in Eaton Bray are freehold and not leasehold. This is one of the situations where having a local solicitor who is familiar with the area who can help the conveyancing process. It is clear that you are buying in Eaton Bray in which case you should be shopping around for a Eaton Bray conveyancing practitioner and be sure that they have experience in dealing with leasehold houses. First you will need to check the number of years remaining. As a leaseholder you will not be entirely free to do whatever you want with the house. The lease will likely included provisions for example requiring the freeholder’sconsent to conduct alterations. You may also be required to pay a maintenance charge towards the upkeep of the communal areas where the property is located on an estate. Your conveyancer will advise you fully on all the issues.

Eaton Bray Leasehold Conveyancing - Sample of Queries before Purchasing

    How many of the leaseholders are in arrears for their maintenance charge payments? Please tell me if there are any major works in the planning that will increase the maintenance charges? Is there a share of the freehold?

I own a leasehold flat in Eaton Bray. Conveyancing was completed in 2010. I have read on various advice forums that I should not let the the remaining lease term to fall too short. Why is that a problem?

Eaton Bray domestic long term leases are for a fixed period - usually ninety nine years when they are first granted. However a significant appartments in Eaton Bray were constructed or converted 35 or more years ago and so these leases now have under 80 years left to run. That may seem like a long time but Banks, Building Societies and other mortgage companies on the whole need leases to have a minimum of 75 years left to be mortgageable. This means that when you come to sell the property you will need to extend the term of your lease if you are nearing eighty years. To enhance your property value you should be considering whether or not to extend your lease long before you come to sell it. There are also significant benefits to doing so before the lease reaches even 80 years as when the lease is less than 80 years the premium you have to pay to extend starts to get a lot more expensive.

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