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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Lifton

Souldretaining a Lifton conveyancing practitioner make my purchase more efficient?

Lifton is a special area, where regional know-how helps. The laid-back lifestyle has an upside – just not when it comes to your conveyancing. The solicitors that we list possess wide Lifton knowledge with a proactive, can doattitude that helps everything runs smoothly. It will certainly help that they enjoy established connections with financial advisers, search providers, valuers and counterpart Lifton conveyancing firms

Last August we completed a house move in Lifton. We have since encountered a number of issues with the property which we believe were overlooked in the conveyancing searches. Do we have any recourse? Can you clarify the nature of searches that needed to have been carried out as part of conveyancing in Lifton?

The query is vague as what problems have arisen and if they are unique to conveyancing in Lifton. Conveyancing searches and investigations undertaken as part of the legal transfer of property are supposed to help avoid problems. As part of the process, a seller completes a questionnaire referred to as a Seller’s Property Information Form. If the information ends up being misleading, you may have a misrepresentation claim against the owner for any losses that you have suffered. The survey should have identified any problems with the structure of the property. Assuming a detailed survey was carried out and the issues were not identified, you may have a claim against the surveyor. However, if you did not have a full survey, you may be responsible for fixing any defects that have now been noted. We would always encourage buyers to take every possible step to ensure they are completely aware of the condition of a property before purchase regardless of whether they are buying in Lifton.

Do commercial conveyancing searches reveal proposed roadworks that may affect a commercial property in Lifton?

Many commercial conveyancing solicitors in Lifton will order a SiteSolutions Highways report as it dramatically cuts the time that conveyancers spend in investigating accurate data on highways that impact buildings and development assets in Lifton. The search result provides definitive data on the adoption status of roads, footpaths and verges, as well as the implication of traffic schemes and the rights of way surrounding a commercial development sites in Lifton.

For each commercial conveyancing transaction in Lifton it is critical to investigate the adoption status of roads surrounding a site. Failure to identify developments where adoption procedures have not been dealt with adequately could cause delays to Lifton commercial conveyancing transactions as well as present a risk to future plans for the site. These searches are not ordered for residential conveyancing in Lifton.

Do I need to be wary by brokers that I am dealing with are suggesting a national conveyancing firm rather than a local Lifton conveyancing firm?

As is the case with lots of service providers, often referrals from connections can be worth their weight in gold. Yet there are many players in a conveyancing transaction; estate agents, mortgage brokers and banks may put forward solicitors to appoint. On occasion these conveyancers might be known to one of the organisations as experts in their field, but sometimes there may be a commercial relationship behind the recommendation. You have the right to appoint your preferred conveyancer. You need to be aware that some banks have an approved list of solicitors you must use for the lender aspect of your home move.

If all goes to plan we aim to complete our sale of a £175,000 garden flat in Lifton next Wednesday. The freeholder has quoted £420 for Landlord’s certificate, insurance certificate and previous years service charge statements. Is the landlord entitled to charge exorbitant fees for a leasehold conveyance in Lifton?

Lifton conveyancing on leasehold flats more often than not involves the purchaser’s lawyer submitting questions for the landlord to address. Although the landlord is not legally bound to answer these enquiries the majority will be content to assist. They may charge a reasonable administration fee for answering enquiries or supplying documentation. There is no set fee. The average costs for the paperwork that you are referring to is £350, in some cases it is above £800. The administration charge invoiced by the landlord must be sent together with a summary of rights and obligations in relation to administration charges, without which the invoice is not strictly payable. In reality you have little option but to pay whatever is requested of you should you wish to sell the property.

Lifton Conveyancing for Leasehold Flats - A selection of Questions you should consider before Purchasing

    If a Lifton lease has fewer than 80 years it will have adverse implications on the value of the apartment. It is worth checking with your mortgage company that they are content with remaining years on the lease. Leases with fewer than 80 years remaining means that you will probably have to extend the lease at some point and it is worth discovering what this will be. For most Liftonlease extensions you will need to own the property for a couple of years in order to be eligible to exercise a lease extension. Is anyone aware of any major works anticipated that could increase the maintenance costs? On the whole the outlay for major works tend not to be incorporated into the maintenance charges, although a few managing agents in Lifton ask leasehold owners to pay into a sinking fund and this is used to offset against larger works.

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