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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Marlow

I am purchasing a garden flat in Marlow. Can I do my own conveyancing?

Leaving aside the complexities and merits of DIY conveyancing in Marlow you will have to appoint a solicitor on your lender's conveyancing panel to look after their interests. Most people therefore find it easier to let the solicitor act for them and the lender. Furthermore there is minimal cost savings to be made in you doing conveyancing for yourself and another lawyer conducting the conveyancing for the lender. Please feel free to use the search tool to find a lawyer on your lender panel in Marlow.

How does conveyancing in Marlow differ for new build properties?

Most buyers of new build premises in Marlow come to us having been asked by the builder to exchange contracts and commit to the purchase even before the premises is finished. This is because house builders in Marlow usually buy the real estate, plan the estate and want to get the plots sold off as they are building the properties. Buyers, therefore, will have to exchange contracts without actually seeing the house they are buying. To reduce the chances of losing the property, buyers should instruct conveyancers as soon as the property is reserved and mortgage applications should be submitted quickly. Due to the fact that it could be several months and even years between exchange of contracts and completion, the mortgage offer may need to be extended. It would be wise to use a lawyer who specialises in new build conveyancing especially if they are accustomed to new build conveyancing in Marlow or who has acted in the same development.

My husband and I are first time buyers - agreed a price, but the selling agent advised that the owners will only move forward if we appoint their preferred conveyancers as they want a ‘quick sale’. My instinct tells me that we should use a local solicitor accustomed to conveyancing in Marlow

It is highly unlikely the owners are behind this. If they want ‘a quick sale', turning down a genuine buyer is not the way to achieve this. Bypass the agents and go straight to the sellers and explain that (a)you are genuine buyers (b)you are excited to move forward, with finances arranged © you do not need to sell (d) you wish to move quickly (e)however you will continue to appoint your own,trusted Marlow conveyancing solicitors - rather thanthe ones that will give their estate agent a kickback or hit his conveyancing thresholds set by senior management.

If all goes to plan we aim to complete our sale of a £275,000 flat in Marlow next week. The freeholder has quoted £312 for Landlord’s certificate, insurance certificate and 3 years statements of service charge. Is the landlord entitled to charge exorbitant fees for a flat conveyance in Marlow?

Marlow conveyancing on leasehold apartments often necessitates the purchaser’s solicitor submitting enquiries for the landlord to answer. Although the landlord is not legally bound to address these enquiries the majority will be willing to do so. They are entitled to levy a reasonable administration fee for answering enquiries or supplying documentation. There is no upper cap for such fees. The average fee for the paperwork that you are referring to is over three hundred pounds, in some situations it is in excess of £800. The management information fee invoiced by the landlord must be accompanied by a synopsis of rights and obligations in relation to administration fees, otherwise the charge is technically not due. Reality however dictates that you have no choice but to pay whatever is requested of you should you wish to complete the sale of your home.

Leasehold Conveyancing in Marlow - Examples of Queries before Purchasing

    This question is helpful as a) areas can cause problems for the building as the communal areas may start to deteriorate if repairs remain unpaid b) if the tenants have a dispute with the managing agents you will want to have all the details Many Marlow leasehold flats will incur a service bill for maintenance of the block invoiced on behalf of the landlord. If you buy the flat you will have to pay this amount, normally quarterly accross the year. This can be anything from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds for buildings with lifts and large common areas. There will also be a rentcharge for you to pay yearly, ordinarily this is not a large amount, say about £50-£100 but you need to check as sometimes it could be prohibitively expensive. On the whole the outlay for major works tend not to be built into the service charges, albeit that some managing agents in Marlow ask leasehold owners to contribute towards a reserve fund created for the specific intention of establishing a fund for larger works.

Me and my fiance have recently had an offer accepted on a house and had an appointment on Wednesday with Leeds Building Society for the mortgage. They warned us that when it comes to appointing a solicitor that if they are not on their approved list of solicitors then we will incur an extra charge of £200. This is because they would then have to instruct a conveyancer to act on their behalf as well as the one we choose to act for ourselves and we assume responsibility for their fees. I have requested Leeds Building Society to furnish me with a list so I can request estimates only from their approved conveyancers but was told they dont have such a list to hand over. Is there a list online?

Ask Leeds Building Society what their criteria for panel membership is for a solicitor.Then ask the property lawyer of your choice whether they fit that criteria and have they acted on loans for Leeds Building Society previously. Where the answer to those is yes, then just double check with Leeds Building Society. Another option is to make use of our search tool and we should be able to identify a lawyer in Marlow on the panel for Leeds Building Society.

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