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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Booker

I am buying a house without a mortgage in Booker. I have been residing for the previous 15 years in Booker. Conveyancing searches are a lot of money. As I have knowledge of the road and vicinity very well must I have all the conveyancing searches?

Provided that you do not need a mortgage, then almost all of the Booker conveyancing searches are optional. Your lawyer will try and steer you, perhaps strongly, that you should have searches carried out, but she is duty bound to do this. One thing to take into account; if you are going to dispose of the house in the future, it may be of relevance to your prospective buyer what the searches disclose. On occasion houses with day to day issues can still throw up adverse search results. A good conveyancing solicitor in Booker should be able to give you some sensible advice concerning this.

I need some quick conveyancing in Booker as I have pressure to sign on the dotted line within one month. Thankfully I do not need a mortgage. Is it possible to avoid the conveyancing searches to save fees and time?

As you are are a mortgage free purchaser you have the choice not to do searches although no solicitor would suggest that you don't. Drawing on our experience of conveyancing in Booker the following are examples of what can crop up and adversely affect future mortgageability: Enforcement Notices, Outstanding Charges, Outstanding Grants, Road Schemes,...

I have todaybecome aware that Action Conveyancing have closed. They carried out my conveyancing in Booker for a purchase of a freehold house 12 months ago. How can I check that my home is registered correctly in the name of the previous owner?

The easiest way to check if the property is registered to you, you can carry out a search of the land registry (£3.00). You can either do this yourself or ask a law firm to do this for you. If you are not registered you can seek help from one of a number of Booker conveyancing specialists.

I am looking for a leasehold apartment up to £245,000 and identified one close by in Booker I like with open areas and railway links nearby, the downside is that it only has 51 remaining years left on the lease. There is not much else in Booker in this price bracket, so just wondered if I would be making a grave error acquiring a lease with such few years left?

Should you need a home loan the remaining unexpired lease term will be an issue. Reduce the offer by the anticipated lease extension will cost if not already taken into account. If the current owner has owned the property for at least 2 years you could request that they start the process of the extension and then assign it to you. An additional ninety years can be extended on to the existing lease and have £0 ground rent by law. You should consult your conveyancing lawyer regarding this.

My sealed bid on house in Booker was agreed to, the seller does however have a tied purchase. The current proprietors have offered on a flat, but it’s not yet agreed to, and are looking at other apartments booked. I have chosen a local conveyancing solicitor in Booker. What do I do now? At what stage do I apply for the mortgage with Santander?

It is standard to have apprehensions where there is an associated chain as you are unlikely to want to be too out of pocket too early (mortgage application is approx one thousand pounds, then survey, Booker conveyancing search fees, etc). The first course of action is to check that your property lawyer is on the Santander conveyancing panel. Regarding the next phase this very much depends on the circumstances of your transaction, desire for the property and on the state of the market. In a buoyant market the majority of home buyers will apply for a home loan with Santander and pay for the valuation and only if it was satisfactory would they ask their conveyancer to press on with searches.

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