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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Seaton Sluice

I have given 8 weeks notice to my current landlord and must leave my let out flat in Seaton Sluice by the end of next month. Conveyancing on my purchase is progressing. Can I complete in 4 weeks as I wish to avoid having to move into short term accommodation?

Generally one should not give notice on a rental until you have exchanged. If you have not already done so, contact to your conveyancer and ask them to they cajole the owners side, try to an acceptable time-line that all parties will work towards

What tools are available to locate a Seaton Sluice solicitor on the Alliance & Leicester conveyancing panel? I drive a motor bike and am prepared to travel upto 10kilometers to meet the lawyer.

You can use the facility on this website. Please select a lender and your location and you will see a number of Seaton Sluice conveyancing lawyers locally. We have listed some Seaton Sluice conveyancing firms at the bottom of this page and you can telephone them to check if they are on the Alliance & Leicester panel

In my capacity as executor for the estate of my uncle I am selling a residence in Monmouth but I am based in Seaton Sluice. My solicitor (who is 250 miles awayhas requested that I execute a statutory declaration ahead of the transaction finalising. Can you recommend a conveyancing lawyer in Seaton Sluice who can witness this legal document for me?

strictly speaking you are unlikely to be required to have the documents attested by a conveyancing solicitor. Normally or notary public or qualified solicitor will do regardless of whether they are based in Seaton Sluice

All being well we will complete our sale of a £450,000 apartment in Seaton Sluice on Friday in a week. The management company has quoted £408 for Landlord’s certificate, building insurance schedule and 3 years statements of service charge. Is it legal for a freeholder to charge exorbitant fees for a flat conveyance in Seaton Sluice?

For most leasehold sales in Seaton Sluice conveyancing will involve, questions about the management of a building inevitably needing to be answered directly by the freeholder or its agent, this includes :

    Addressing conveyancing due diligence enquiries Where consent is required before sale in Seaton Sluice Supplying insurance information Deeds of covenant upon sale Registering of the assignment of the change of lessee after a sale
Your solicitor will have no control over the level of the charges for this information but the average costs for the information for Seaton Sluice leasehold premises is £350. For Seaton Sluice conveyancing transactions it is customary for the seller to pay for these costs. The landlord or their agents are under no legal obligation to answer such questions most will be willing to do so - albeit often at exorbitant prices where the fees bear little relation to the work involved. Unfortunately there is no law that requires fixed charges for administrative tasks. Neither is there any legal time frame by which they are obliged to supply answers.

Leasehold Conveyancing in Seaton Sluice - Examples of Questions you should consider Prior to Purchasing

    You should want to discover as much as possible concerning the managing agents as they will either make your living at the property much simpler or uncomfortable. As the proprietor of a leasehold property you will be in the clutches of the managing agents both financially and when it comes to day to day issues such as the tidiness of the common parts. Enquire of other people what they think of their management. On a final note, find out the dates that you are obliged pay the maintenance charge to the relevant party and precisely how they are spending the funds. Please note if it is no more than eighty years it will affect the salability of the apartment. It is worth checking with your mortgage company that they are willing to lend given the lease term. A short lease means that you will most likely have to extend the lease sooner rather than later and it is worth discovering what this would cost. For most Seaton Sluicelease extensions you will need to own the residence for two years in order to be entitled to exercise a lease extension. Make sure you discover if the the lease includes any unreasonable restrictions in the lease. For instance it is reasonably common in Seaton Sluice leases that pets are not allowed in in a block in Seaton Sluice. If you love the propertyin Seaton Sluice but your cat can’t live with you then you have a very hard decision.

We are planning to purchase a four room housein Seaton Sluice with a home loan from a lender. We wish to instruct our lawyer in Seaton Sluice however our bank advise she’s not on their "panel". It seems we have little choice but to instruct one of the our lender panel firms or stay with our Seaton Sluice solicitor and pay for one of their panel ones to represent our bank. This seems very unfair; is there anything we can do?

Unfortunately,no. The mortgage company mortgage offered to you is subject to its terms and conditions, one of which will be that lawyers will on the bank's conveyancing panel. Until recently, most mortgage companies had open panels, including many conveyancing solicitors in Seaton Sluice : a mortgagee could choose one for themselves, as long as it was on the lender's panel. The lender would then simply instruct the borrower's lawyers to act for the lender, too. You can use your lender's panel lawyers or you could borrow from another lender which does not restrict your choice. Another option that might be available is for your solicitors to apply to be on the conveyancing panel for your lender.

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