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Ready to buy a new home in Merriott? Failing to check that a lawyer is on your lender’s list of approved solicitors can put your Merriott home move at risk of delay or failure.

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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Merriott

What happens if my solicitor is removed from the Nationwide Conveyancing panel ahead of completing my conveyancing in Merriott?

The first thing to point out is that, this is very unlikely to happen. In most cases even where a law firm is removed off of a panel the lender would allow the completion to go ahead as the lender would appreciate the difficulties that they would place you in if you have to instruct a new solicitor days before completion. In a worst case scenario where the lender insists that you instruct a new firm then it is possible for a very good lawyer to expedite the conveyancing albeit that you may pay a significant premium for this. The analogous situation is where a buyer instructs a lawyer, exchanges contracts and the law firm is shut down by a regulator such as the SRA. Again, in this situation you can find lawyers who can troubleshoot their way to bring the conveyancing to a satisfactory conclusion - albeit for a fee.

I require fast conveyancing in Merriott as I am under pressure to exchange contracts within one month. Fortunately I do not need a mortgage. Can I escape the need for conveyancing searches to save fees and time?

As you are are a mortgage free buyer you are at liberty not to have searches carried out although no lawyer would recommend that you don't. Drawing on years of experience of conveyancing in Merriott the following are examples of what can arise and adversely affect market value: Enforcement Notices, Outstanding Charges, Outstanding Grants, Railway Schemes,...

three months have elapsed following my purchase conveyancing in Merriott concluded. I have checked the Land Registry site which shows that I paid £175,000 when infact I paid £215,000. Why the discrepancy?

The price paid figure is taken from the application to register the purchase. It is the figure included in the Transfer (the legal deed which transfers the residence from one person to the other) and referred to as the 'consideration' or purchase price. You can report an error in the price paid figure using the LR online form. In most cases errors result from typos so at first glance the figure. Do report it so they can double check and advise.

I was pointed in your direction by numerous estate agents in Merriott to get a quote from a property lawyer on your site. What’s the financial upside for Estate Agents to recommend your site ahead of alternative conveyancing organisations?

We refuse to make any financial incentive for sending work to this site. We found it would be just too difficult to pay a commission because a client could think, ‘Why is the agent getting a kickback? Why aren’t I getting any benefit too?’ We would prefer to grow our business on genuine recommendations.

In sourcing the internet for the term cheap conveyancing in Merriott it reveals numerous conveyancerslocally. How do I determine which is the suitable conveyancing solicitor for purchase transaction?

The ideal method of choosing a suitable conveyancer is via personal testimonial, so enquire of colleagues and family who have purchased a property in Merriott or the reputable estate agent or mortgage broker. Fees for conveyancing in Merriott differ, so it's a good idea to secure a minimum of three fee estimates from varying types of property lawyers. Make sure that you know that the costs are guaranteed not to escalate.

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