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Ready to buy a new home in Tottenham? Failing to check that a lawyer is on your lender’s list of approved solicitors can put your Tottenham conveyancing at risk of delay or failure.

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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Tottenham

I have given 8 weeks notice to my current landlord and must leave my let out property in Tottenham by 5/2/2019. Conveyancing for my house purchase has just started. Can I complete in 4 weeks as I wish to avoid having to find temporary accommodation?

Generally one should not serve notice for your lease until your lawyer suggests that you should. Assuming that you have not previously done so, speak to your conveyancer and urge them to they chase the sellers lawyers, try to get a realistic time scale from them that all parties will look to achieve

Do lenders provide you with an approved list of Tottenham conveyancing solicitors? How do you know who is on the TSB conveyancing panel?

Tottenham conveyancing firms themselves provide us confirmation that they are on the TSB conveyancing panel as opposed to being supplied with a list from TSB directly.

I require quick conveyancing in Tottenham as I am under a deadline to complete in less than 2 weeks. A mortgage is not required. Can I decline from having conveyancing searches to save fees and time?

As you are are a mortgage free buyer you are at liberty not to have searches carried out although no law firm would suggest that you don't. Drawing on our experience of conveyancing in Tottenham the following are examples of what can crop up and adversely impact future saleability: Refused Planning Applications, Outstanding Charges, Outstanding Grants, Road Schemes,...

I got the keys to my apartment on 2 October and the transaction details is not yet on the land registry website. Any reason for this? My conveyancing solicitor in Tottenham advises it will be dealt with inside ten days. Are titles in Tottenham uniquely lengthy to register?

There is nothing unique about conveyancing in Tottenham registration formalities. Rather than based on location, timeframes can differ depending on the party submitting the application, whether it is in order and if the Land registry need to notify any third parties. As of today roughly three quarters of such applications are fully addressed within two weeks but occasionally there can be protracted delays. Historically registration is effected after the new owner has moved in to the property thus an expedited registration is not always top priority yet where it is urgent that the the registration takes place urgently then you or your conveyancer must communicate with the Registry to express the reasoning for an expedited registration.

I've recently found out that there is a flying freehold element on a house I have offered on two weeks back in what should have been a straight forward, no chain conveyancing. Tottenham is where the house is located. Can you offer any advice?

Flying freeholds in Tottenham are rare but are more likely to exist in relation to terraced houses. Even where you use a solicitor outside Tottenham you must be sure that your lawyer goes through the deeds thoroughly. Your bank may require your conveyancing solicitor to take out an indemnity policy. Some of the more diligent conveyancing solicitors in Tottenham may determine that this is not enough and that the deeds be re-written to give you the most up to date legal protection. If so, the next door neighbour also had to sign up to the revised deeds.It is possible that your lender will not accept the situation so the sooner you find out the better. You should also check with your insurance broker as to whether they will insure a flying freehold property.

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