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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Turnham Green

Can your site be used to recommend a Conveyancing solicitor in Turnham Green even where I’m not purchasing or disposing of a house, for example if I want to buy an office in Turnham Green with a mortgage from Nottingham Building Society?

Our comparison service is predominantly there to select domestic conveyancing solicitors in Turnham Green but we have recorded towards the bottom of this page a selection of Turnham Green commercial conveyancing firms. You should make contact with the solicitors directly to see if they are also authorised to represent Nottingham Building Society

I am selling my apartment in Turnham Green. Will the conveyancing practitioner need to be required to be on the Barclays conveyancing panel in order to deal with redeeming my mortgage?

Ordinarily, even if your lawyer is not on the Barclays conveyancing panel they can still act for you on your sale. It might be that the lender will not release the original deeds (if applicable and increasingly irrelevant) until after the mortgage is paid off. You should speak to your lawyer directly before you start the process though to ensure that there is no problem as lenders are changing their specifications fairly frequently currently.

Have just purchased a probate house at auction in Turnham Green. Conveyancing is needed. What is next?

Now that you have legally bound yourself to purchase you should retain a conveyancing solicitor quickly as you are facing a pending a drop dead date to complete the property. An auction property will have an associated legal pack. This will likely include most,if not all of the paperwork that your conveyancer requires. Where you are dealing with leasehold premises the conveyancing pack should provide a copy of the lease, management information and a sellers leasehold information form and other conveyancing documentation specific to a leasehold property. You must pass this on to the conveyancer working for you at the earliest opportunity. Do make sure that that you have the requisite funding organised to complete on the date specified in the contract.

My uncle advised me that in buying a property in Turnham Green there may be various restrictions preventing external alterations to a property. Is this right?

We are aware of a number of properties in Turnham Green which have some sort of restriction or requirement of consent to execute external changes. Part of the conveyancing in Turnham Green should determine what restrictions are applicable and advising you as part of a ROT that should be sent to you.

My husband and I have arranged a further advance on our mortgage from Leeds Building Society as we intend to carry out a loft conversion to our home in Turnham Green. Do we need to select a nearby Turnham Green solicitor on the Leeds Building Society conveyancing panel to deal with the paperwork?

Leeds Building Society don't usually instruct firms on their approved list of lawyers to handle such a matter. If they do require any legal work then you would need to ensure that such a lawyer was on the Leeds Building Society conveyancing panel.

My partner and I are downsizing from our property in Turnham Green and according to the buyers it appears that there is a risk of it being constructed on contaminated land. A local conveyancer would know that there is no such problem. It does beg the question why the purchasers are using an online conveyancing outfit rather than a conveyancing solicitor in Turnham Green. Having lived in Turnham Green for many years we know that this is a non issue. Is it a good idea to get in touch with our local Authority to get clarification that the buyers are looking for.

It sounds as though you may have a conveyancing lawyer currently acting for you. What do they say? You need to check with your lawyer before you do anything. It is very possible that once the local authority has been informed of a potential issue it cannot be insured against (a bit like being diagnosed with a serious illness and then taking out health insurance to cover that same ailment)

I am buying my first flat in Turnham Green with a mortgage from The Royal Bank of Scotland. The sellers would not reduce the price so I negotiated £7000 of fixtures and fittings instead. The estate agent told me not disclose to my solicitor about this side-deal as it could adversely affect my mortgage with The Royal Bank of Scotland. Should I keep quiet?.

All lenders require a Disclosure of Incentives Form from the builder of any new build, converted or renovated property, It is available online from the Lenders’ Handbook page on the CML website. CML form is completed and handed to the lender's surveyor when the inspection is done.

Lenders have different policies on incentives. Some accept none at all, cash or physical, while others will accept cash incentives up to 5%.

Hard to understand why the representative of a builder would be suggesting you withold information from a solicitor when all this will be clearly visible on forms the builder has to supply to its solicitor, the buyer's solicitor and the surveyor.

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