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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Cringleford

Last September we completed a house move in Cringleford. We have since encountered a number of problems with the property which we suspect were omitted in the conveyancing searches. Do we have any recourse? What searches should? have been ordered as part of conveyancing in Cringleford?

The query is vague as what problems have arisen and if they are relate to conveyancing in Cringleford. Conveyancing searches and investigations undertaken as part of the buying process are supposed to help avoid problems. As part of the process, the vendor answers a form referred to as a Seller’s Property Information Form. answers is inaccurate, you could possibly take legal action against the owner for any losses that you have suffered. The survey should have identified any problems with the structure of the property. Assuming a detailed survey was carried out and the issues were not identified, you may have a claim against the surveyor. However, if you did not have a full survey, you may be responsible for fixing any defects that have now been noted. We would always encourage buyers to take every possible step to ensure they are completely aware of the condition of a property before purchase regardless of whether they are buying in Cringleford.

What does my ID and proof of funds have anything to do with my conveyancing in Cringleford? Is this really necessary?

Anti-terror and anti-money-laundering laws require solicitors and licensed conveyancers to check the identity of the person or body they are dealing with prior to agreeing to accepting their conveyancing instruction. The Terms of Engagement that you need to sign should stipulate this. Your lawyer also has obligations to obtain certain documents in accordance with the CML Lenders Handbook requirements last updated on 1st December 2014. Should you refuse to supply ID verification documents, your conveyancer would not be able to accept instructions from you.

My apartment in Cringleford is up for sale and I have accepted an offer. Does the property lawyer have to be required to be on the Santander conveyancing panel in order to deal with repayment of my mortgage?

Ordinarily, even if your lawyer is not on the Santander conveyancing panel they can still act for you on your sale. It might be that the lender will not release the original deeds (if applicable and increasingly irrelevant) until after the mortgage is paid off. You should speak to your lawyer directly before you start the process though to ensure that there is no problem as lenders are changing their panel criteria fairly frequently in recent years.

I am on look out for some leasehold conveyancing in Cringleford. Before I get started I would like to find out the number of years remaining on the lease.

Assuming the lease is registered - and 99.9% are in Cringleford - then the leasehold title will always include the basic details of the lease, namely the date; the term; and the original parties. From a conveyancing perspective such details then enable any prospective buyer and lender to confirm that any lease they are looking at is the one relevant to that title. For any other purpose, such as confirming how long the term was granted for and calculating what is left, then the register should be sufficient on it's own.

Cringleford Leasehold Conveyancing - Sample of Queries Prior to buying

    Be sure to enquire if there are any onerous restrictions in the lease. By way of example some leases prohibit pets being permitted in in a block in Cringleford. If you like the flatin Cringleford yet your dog can’t live with you then you have a very difficult compromise. Most Cringleford leasehold properties will be liable to pay a service bill for maintenance of the building invoiced by the landlord. If you acquire the apartment you will have to meet this charge, normally periodically accross the year. This can vary from two or three hundred pounds to thousands of pounds for bigger purpose-built buildings. There will also be a ground rent to be met yearly, this is usually not a significant amount, say about £50-£100 but you should to check it because sometimes it can be many hundreds of pounds.

My wife and I are purchasing a ground floor flat in Cringleford. At the time of instructing our conveyancing practitioner, they said that they were on all mainstream lender panels. Our financial adviser contacted us yesterday to say that they don't seem to be on the UBS approved list. Were it to be true, what should we do? Should we simply pick a different conveyancer that is on their approved list or should we pay for separate representation, with UBS appointing their own preferred conveyancer.

When purchasing a property with the benefit of a mortgage it is standard for the buyer’s solicitors to also represent the mortgage company. In order to act for a bank or building society a conveyancer has to be on that lender's conveyancing panel. An application has to be made by the conveyancer to the lender to become a member of the lender's panel and there are increasingly strict criteria which the conveyancer has to meet. Some mortgage companies now require their panel firms to be part of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme. Your conveyancing practitioner should contact UBS to discover if they can apply for membership of their conveyancing panel, but if that is not viable they will instruct their own solicitors to act. You are not legally obliged to appoint a law firm on UBS's conveyancing panel and you may continue to use your own Cringleford solicitors, in which case it will likely add costs, and it will likely delay the transaction as you are adding another conveyancing practitioner into the equation.

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