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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Ferring

What is the first thing I need to know concerning purchase conveyancing in Ferring?

You may not hear this from too many lawyers but conveyancing in Ferring or throughout West Sussex is an adversarial process. Put another way, when it comes to conveyancing there exists plenty of room for friction between you and others involved in the transaction. For example, the vendor, estate agent and even potentially a lender. Appointing a solicitor for your conveyancing in Ferring is a critical decision as your conveyancer is your adviser, and is the ONE party in the transaction whose role it is to protect your best interests and to protect you.

There is a distinct emergence of a "blame" culture- someone has to be blamed for the process being so protracted. We recommend that you your first instinct should be to trust your lawyer above all other parties in the conveyancing process.

My lawyer has informed me that breach of easement insurance is required on my purchase. What is the typical level of cover needed for conveyancing in Ferring?

The right level of breach of easement indemnity insurance should be dictated by who your lender. It would differ for example between Lloyds TSB Bank and The Mortgage Works. Conveyancing solicitors as opposed to borrowers take out such policies.

We have agreed to purchase a house in Ferring. An unusual aspect is that the roof has a solar panel. Virgin Money have issued a mortgage offer so presumably this is not a concern to them. Why is my solicitor raising questions about the panel?

Given that you are obtaining a mortgage with Virgin Money your lawyer must comply with the conveyancing instructions set out in Section 2 of UK Finance Lenders’ Handbook for Virgin Money. The Council of Mortgage Lenders’ Handbook contains minimum conditions for solar panel roof-space leases, and solicitors are required to report to Virgin Money where a lease fails to meet these requirements. The conditions relate to the installation of panels on properties in England and Wales and is not restricted to Ferring.

I am currently in the process of buying my council flat in Ferring. I have a mortgage agreed with Principality. Conveyancing is new to me. Can I proceed without a solicitor easily? I think we can but we keep being told I should use one. Any advice?

It is not advisable to proceed with a house purchase without a solicitor. The council's solicitor are not acting for you. You need a solicitor for a number reasons. One of which is to verify what plans the Council have for repairs and refurbishment for the next five years. Many leaseholders have been stung for contributions of thousands of pounds. In any event, if you are getting a mortgage with Principality, you will need to appoint a solicitor on the Principality conveyancing panel.

Have completed on a a detached house in Ferring , What is the estimated time for the Land Registry to register my ownership? My Ferring conveyancing solicitor works at snail pace, so I want to be sure that my name is registered.

There is nothing unique about conveyancing in Ferring registration formalities. As opposed to being determined by geographic area, timescales can differ subject to who lodges the application, whether it is in order and whether the Land registry communicate with any interested persons or bodies. As of today in the region of three quarters of submission are completed within 12 days but occasionally there can be protracted delays. Historically registration takes place after the purchaser has moved in to the property so 'speed' is not always top priority yet if it is urgent that the the registration takes place urgently then you or your conveyancer can communicate with the Registry to express the reasoning for an expedited registration.

We're FTB’s - had an offer accepted, yet the estate agent informed us that the owners will only proceed if we appoint the agent's preferred solicitors as they are insisting on a ‘quick sale’. Our preferred option is to instruct a family conveyancer accustomed to conveyancing in Ferring

We suspect that the owner is not behind this ultimatum. If they desire ‘a quick sale', taking such a hostile approach to a genuine purchaser is likely to cause more damage than good. Speak to the vendors direct and make the point that (a)you are serious purchasers (b)you are ready to go, with finances in place © you are chain free (d) you intend to proceed fast (e)but you will continue to appoint your own,trusted Ferring conveyancing lawyers - not the ones that will earn their estate agent a commission or meet his conveyancing thresholds pre-set by corporate headquarters.

My folks are unable to locate their Ferring property on the HMLR website. They recall that back in the 60’s when they purchased the property there were complications with Ferring not being identified on some systems.

Nearly all properties in Ferring should appear. Have you endevoured to search with simply the postcode. Ordinarily it will reveal all the properties within that postcode. Where registered it will show up with a title number. If they bought back in the 70’s it's conceivable it may be not yet registered. The address might still be revealed but with the title number identified as 'na'. In this scenario you will need to locate the original title papers which might be with your parent’s lender.

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