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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Hemsworth

As someone not used to conveyancing in Hemsworth what is the number one tip you can give me for the ownership transfer in Hemsworth

Not many law firms shout this from the rooftops but conveyancing in Hemsworth or throughout South Yorkshire is an adversarial experience. Put another way, when it comes to conveyancing there is plenty of room for conflict between you and other parties involved in the legal transfer of property. For instance, the seller, estate agent and even potentially the mortgage company. Choosing a lawyer for your conveyancing in Hemsworth is a critical decision as your conveyancer is your adviser, and is the ONE party in the legal process whose interest is to protect your legal interests and to protect you.

On occasion a third party with a vested interest may attempt to persuade you that you should follow their advice. For example, the property agent may claim to be assisting by suggesting your lawyer is wrong. Or your mortgage broker may advise you to do take action that is contrary to your conveyancers recommendation. You should always trust your lawyer above all other parties in the conveyancing process.

I am buying a 3 bedroom semi in Hemsworth. The intention is to carry out an extension to the side at the property.Will legal work on the property involve checks to determine if these works were previously refused?

Your property lawyer should check the deeds as conveyancing in Hemsworth can sometimes identify restrictions in the title deeds which restrict certain works or require the permission of another owner. Some extensions need local authority planning permissions and approval under the building regulations. Some areas are designated conservation areas and special planning restrictions apply which often prevent or impact extensions. You should check these issues with a surveyor ahead of any purchase.

We were going to get a AIP from RBS this week so we know how much we could potentially offer as otherwise we only have online calculators to go by (which aren't taking into account credit checks etc). Do RBS recommend any Hemsworth solicitors on the RBS conveyancing panel, or is it better to go independently?

You will need to appoint Hemsworth solicitors independently although you'll need to choose one on the RBS conveyancing panel. The solicitor represents both you and RBS through the process.

About to purchase maisonette in Hemsworth. I have received an online quote from a licenced conveyancer, which states: "There will be no charge for dealing with the Building Society if you are obtaining a mortgage". I take this to mean that there will be no additional fee if the solicitor is on the UBS conveyancing panel. I wanted to make sure it means there will be no additional fees for dealing with the mortgage.

They are simply saying that the cost for acting for the lender is included in the fee being quoted. It is worth you checking that the Hemsworth conveyancer is on the UBS conveyancing panel.

The deeds to my property are lost. The solicitors who conducted the conveyancing in Hemsworth 10 years ago have long since closed. What are my next steps?

Nowadays there are copies made of almost everything, and your lawyer will know exactly where to look for all the relevant documentation so you can buy or dispose of your house without any difficulty. If duplicates can’t be located, your conveyancer can put in place insurance or indemnities against possible claims on the premises.

In my capacity as executor for the will of my grandmother I am disposing of a property in Cardiff but I am based in Hemsworth. My solicitor (who is 300 miles from mehas requested that I sign a statutory declaration ahead of the transaction finalising. Could you suggest a conveyancing solicitor in Hemsworth who can attest this legal document for me?

Technically speaking you are not likely to need to have the documents witnessed by a conveyancing solicitor. Ordinarily any notary public or qualified solicitor will do regardless of whether they are Hemsworth based

I today plan to offer on a house that seems to tick a lot of boxes, at a great figure which is making it all the more appealing. I have since found out that it's a leasehold as opposed to freehold. I am assuming that there are particular concerns buying a house with a leasehold title in Hemsworth. Conveyancing advisers have are soon to be appointed. Will they explain the issues?

The majority of houses in Hemsworth are freehold and not leasehold. This is one of the situations where having a local conveyancer who is familiar with the area who can assist with the conveyancing process. It is clear that you are purchasing in Hemsworth so you should seriously consider shopping around for a Hemsworth conveyancing solicitor and be sure that they are used to dealing with leasehold houses. First you will need to check the number of years remaining. Being a leaseholder you will not be at liberty to do whatever you want with the house. The lease will likely included provisions such as obtaining the landlord’sconsent to carry out alterations. You may also be required to pay a service charge towards the upkeep of the estate where the property is located on an estate. Your lawyer should report to you on the legal implications.

I acquired a ground floor flat in Hemsworth, conveyancing was carried out half a dozen years ago. Can you let me have an estimate of the premium that my landlord can legally expect in return for granting a renewal of my lease? Similar properties in Hemsworth with a long lease are worth £227,000. The ground rent is £50 invoiced annually. The lease expires on 21st October 2091

With 72 years left to run we estimate the premium for your lease extension to span between £9,500 and £11,000 plus legals.

The figure above a general guide to costs for renewing a lease, but we cannot give you the actual costs in the absence of comprehensive due diligence. You should not use the figures in a Notice of Claim or as an informal offer. There are no doubt other concerns that need to be taken into account and clearly you should be as accurate as possible in your negotiations. Neither should you take any other action placing reliance on this information without first getting professional advice.

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