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Ready to buy a new home in Disley? Failing to check that a lawyer is on your lender’s list of approved solicitors can put your Disley conveyancing at risk of delay or failure.

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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Disley

My IFA has requested my Disley solicitor’s panel member for the Nationwide conveyancing panel. Can you suggest how I find this out. I have contacted my local Disley office but they have not responded to me.

You are best placed to get this information from your Disley property lawyer . They retain a central record lender panel numbers.

My fiance and I are buying a purpose built apartment in Disley with a residential mortgage from Britannia.We would like to retain our Disley conveyancing lawyer but Britannia informed us her practice is not listed on their approved list of member firms. It seems we are left with no choice but to instruct a Britannia panel firm or retain our local solicitor and pay for one of their panel ones to represent them. We feel as though this is unjust; is there anything we can do?

Unfortunately,no. The loan issued to you contains various provisions, a common one being that solicitors needs to be on the Britannia approved list. Until recently, most lenders had large numbers of solicitors on their panels: a borrower could choose one for themselves, as long as it was on the lender's panel. The lender would then simply instruct the borrower's lawyers to act for the lender, too. You can use your lender's panel lawyers or you could borrow from another lender which does not restrict your choice. A further alternative is for your lawyer to apply to be on the conveyancing panel for Britannia

Can you help - my lawyer advises that restrictive coveneant insurance is necessary on my purchase. What is the level of cover for Disley conveyancing?

The right level of restrictive coveneant indemnity insurance should be dictated by who who your lender is. It would differ for example between Birmingham Midshires and Chelsea Building Society. Conveyancing practitioners as opposed to borrowers take out such insurances.

We previously instructed conveyancers locally in Disley on the HSBC solicitor panel. They are now charging me a supplemental charge for the legal aspects of the HSBC mortgage. Is this an additional conveyancing fee set by HSBC?

As unfair as it may appear, as long as it’s in their Terms and Conditions or estimate then yes your conveyancing practitioner is entitled to charge a fee for this. This fee is not set by HSBC but by your Disley lawyer. Some firms on the HSBC panel will levy an ‘acting for lender’ fee and others do not.

I recently had an offer agreed on a house in Disley. My mortgage broker recommended their conveyancers. I paid an on account payment of £200. Not long after, the property lawyer called me sheepishly admitting that they were not on the Barclays conveyancing panel. Am I right in thinking that I should be due a refund?

You should be able to recover this from the law firm if they were not on the Barclays panel. They should have asked at the outset which lender you were obtaining a mortgage with. An important lesson to readers of this site is to check that the lawyers are on the appropriate lender panel.

The deeds to my home are lost. The solicitors who conducted the conveyancing in Disley 10 years ago are no longer around. What do I do?

As long as you have a registered title the details of your proprietorship will be evidenced by the Land Registry with a Title Number. It is easy to carry out a search at the Land Registry, identify your house and order up to date copies of the property title for a small fee. If the title is Leasehold then the Land Registry will also normally hold a file duplicate of the Registered Lease and again, a copy can be obtained for twenty pounds.

My uncle has urged me to appoint his lawyers for conveyancing in Disley. Should I use them?

No doubt the ideal way to choose a conveyancing practitioner is to have feedback from friends or family who have actually used the conveyancer you're are thinking of instructing.

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