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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Kingstanding

My family lawyer has sent a quote for £1350 for no sale no fee conveyancing in Kingstanding. I am selling a Georgian detached home for £125,000. Is this over the top? Is it above what I should be paying for conveyancing in Kingstanding?

The estimate does seem a tad steep. Where you are willing to spend time scrutinising costs you may be able to get the conveyancing a bit cheaper by perhaps £125. On the other hand, you couldcome to regret opting for an a cheaper lawyer. If is important to be sure that the solicitor can represent your lender. Do make use of our comparison tool to choose a Kingstanding conveyancing practice on the banks approved list of lawyers which can often include conveyancing solicitors in Kingstanding.

My partner and I intend to remortgage our penthouse in Kingstanding with Nottingham. We have a son 19 who lives at home. Our solicitor has asked us to disclose anyone over the age of 17 other than ourselves who reside at the property. The solicitor has now sent a form for our son to sign, giving up any rights in the event that the property is repossessed. I have a couple of concerns (1) Is this document specific to the Nottingham conveyancing panel as he never had to sign this form when we bought 5 years ago (2) Does our son by signing this extinguish his rights to inherit the property?

On the face of it your lawyer has done nothing wrong as it is established procedure for any occupier who is aged 17 or over to sign the necessary Consent Form, which is purely to state that any rights he has in the property are postponed and secondary to Nottingham. This is solely used to protect Nottingham if the property were re-possessed so that in such circumstances, your son would be legally obliged to leave. It does not impact your son’s right to inherit the apartment. Please note that if your son were to inherit and the mortgage in favour of Nottingham had not been discharged, he would be liable to take over the loan or pay it off, but other than that, there is nothing stopping him from keeping the property in accordance with your will or the rules of intestacy.

A colleague informed me that in buying a property in Kingstanding there may be various restrictions affecting the ability to carry out external changes to the property. Is this right?

We are aware of anumerous of properties in Kingstanding which have some sort of restriction or requirement of consent to carry out external variations. Part of the conveyancing in Kingstanding should determine what restrictions are applicable and advising you as part of a ROT that should be sent to you.

Are all Kingstanding Conveyancing Quality Solicitors on the Skipton conveyancing list of approved practices?

A selection of lenders now use CQS as the starting point for Panel membership such as HSBC and Santander. The Law Society’s CQS accreditation however is no guarantee to lender panel acceptance. Nevertheless,the Council of Mortgage Lenders have indicated that it is likely to become a pre-requisite for firms wishing to join their approved list of conveyancing solicitors.

Can I be sure that the Kingstanding conveyancing solicitor on the RBS panel is any good?

When it comes to conveyancing in Kingstanding obtaining recommendations is a good starting point. Before you go ahead, check if they offer a no sale no fee offer. Also, you often get what you pay for - a firm which quotes more, will often provide a better service than one advertising the lowest fees. We would always advise that you speak with the lawyer carrying out your conveyancing.

I purchased a 4 bedroom Victorian house in Kingstanding. Conveyancing practitioner represented me and Lloyds TSB Bank. I happened to do a free search for it on the Land Registry database and I saw two entries: one for freehold, the second leasehold with the exact same property. I thought I was buying a freehold how can I check?

You should assess the Freehold register you have again and check the Charges Register for mention of a lease. The best way to be sure that you are also the registered owner of the leasehold and freehold title as well is to check (£3). It is not completely unheard of in Kingstanding and other locations in the country and poses no real issues for owners other than when they sell they have to account for both freehold and leasehold interests when dealing with lenders. You can also check the situation with your conveyancing practitioner who conducted the purchase.

Are there any apps to assist me to locate a Kingstanding law firm on the Bank of Ireland conveyancing panel? I drive a motor bike and am prepared to travel upto 25miles to meet the solicitor.

You can use the facility on this page. Please choose the lender and your location and you will see a number of Kingstanding conveyancing lawyers located nearest you. We have listed some Kingstanding conveyancing firms at the bottom of this page and you can telephone them to verify if they are on the Bank of Ireland approved list

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