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Ready to buy a new home in West Croydon? Failing to check that a lawyer is on your lender’s list of approved solicitors can put your West Croydon home move at risk of delay or failure.

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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in West Croydon

Unfortunately I am unable to travel far from West Croydon. Is there a reason why all West Croydon conveyancing practitioners aren't included on all mortgage company panels?

A decade ago most banks demonstrated an approach to risk which is different from today. The FSA in 2010 conducted a thematic review into mortgage fraud which in summary warned lenders: know the property lawyers on your panel. Accordingly, banks have since requiredmore data from law firms concerning their processes and the staff employed by them and set certain criteria such as completing a minimum amount of transactions. Thousands of firms have found themselves removed from lender panels even though they had 100% healthy disciplinary record, no complaints and no claims and didn't just 'dabble' in conveyancing. Such firms were never going to satisfy the minimum amount of transactions the mortgage companies set.

The West Croydon conveyancing firm handling our West Croydon conveyancing has identified a discrepancy when comparing the surveyor’s assumptions in the valuation survey and what is revealed within the legal papers for the property. My lawyer informs me that he is obliged to check that the lender is happy with this discrepancy and is content to go ahead. Is my conveyancer’s approach legitimate?

Your lawyer must comply with the UK Finance Lenders’ Handbook specifications which do require that your lawyer disclose any incorrect assumptions in the lender’s valuation report and the legal papers. Should you refuse to allow your lawyer to make the appropriate notification then your lawyer will have no choice but to discontinue acting for you.

Do all mortgage companies provide you with an approved list of West Croydon conveyancing solicitors? How do you know who is on the Santander conveyancing panel?

West Croydon conveyancing firms themselves provide us confirmation that they are on the Santander conveyancing panel as opposed to being supplied with a list from Santander directly.

I am assisting my sister sell her house in West Croydon. Does the conveyancing solicitor order the energy assessment or it is for the owner to coordinate?

After the abolition of Home Information Packs, energy performance certificates was maintained a mandatory component of selling a house. An energy assessment needs to be commissioned before the property is put on the market. It is not something that solicitors normally organise. Where you are instructing a West Croydon conveyancing practitioner they might be willing to arrange EPC’s given their contacts with long established West Croydon energy assessors

Are all West Croydon Conveyancing Quality Solicitors on the Clydesdale conveyancing list of approved practices?

It is true that some lenders now make use of the accreditation scheme as the starting point for Panel approval such as HSBC and Santander. The Law Society’s CQS accreditation however gives no guarantee to lender panel acceptance. That being said,the Council of Mortgage Lenders have indicated that it is likely to become a pre-requisite for solicitors wishing to remain on their approved list of firms.

I am currently in the process of buying my council flat in West Croydon. I have a mortgage offer with Yorkshire BS. Conveyancing is not something I have any knowledge of. Can I proceed without a solicitor easily? I think we can but we keep being told I should have one. Any advice?

It is not advisable to proceed with a house purchase without a solicitor. The council's solicitor are not acting for you. You need a solicitor for a number reasons. One of which is to verify what plans the Council have for repairs and refurbishment for the next five years. Many leaseholders have been stung for contributions of thousands of pounds. In any event, if you are getting a mortgage with Yorkshire BS, you will need to appoint a solicitor on the Yorkshire BS conveyancing panel.

Back In 2004, I bought a leasehold flat in West Croydon. Conveyancing and National Westminster Bank mortgage organised. A letter has just been received from someone claiming to own the freehold. It included a ground rent demand for rent dating back to 1998. The conveyancing practitioner in West Croydon who previously acted has long since retired. Do I pay?

First make enquiries of HMLR to make sure that this person is indeed the new freeholder. You do not need to instruct a West Croydon conveyancing lawyer to do this as it can be done on-line for a few pound. Rest assured that regardless, even if this is the legitimate landlord, under the Limitation Act 1980 the limitation period for recovery of ground rent is six years.

We have reached the end of our tether in negotiating a lease extension in West Croydon. Can this matter be resolved via the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal?

Absolutely. We can put you in touch with a West Croydon conveyancing firm who can help.

An example of a Freehold Enfranchisement matter before the tribunal for a West Croydon residence is 29 Woodstock Road in April 2014. the Tribunal determined that the premiums to be paid into court in respect of the purchase of the freehold registered at HMLR under Title N0.SY3997 should be £7,217. This case was in relation to 4 flats. The unexpired lease term was 98 years.

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