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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Llandudno

Some advice if I may. My Llandudno solicitor is informing me me that he has toconduct Llandudno conveyancing searches becausethe firm are on the Nat Westconveyancing panel. Is this really necessary?

You have limited options available to you. Given that you are taking out a loan with a bank your lawyer has to comply with their conditions as set out in their version of the CML Conveyancing Handbook. Your conveyancer would have previously signed the Terms and Conditions of your bank’s conveyancing panel appointment which obliges them to comply with the CML Handbook specifications . Even if you were a cash buyer you would be ill advised not to carry out Llandudno conveyancing searches.

My bid for a property was accepted at auction in Llandudno. Conveyancing is required. What are my next steps?

Now that you are exchanged you should hire the services of a conveyancing practitioner as a matter of urgency as you are faced with a tight a fixed date to complete the purchase. All auction property will ordinarily have a corresponding auction pack. This will likely include the copy title deeds, local authority and drainage searches. If you have purchased leasehold premises the conveyancing papers should provide a copy of the lease, management information and a sellers leasehold information form and associated conveyancing documentation pertinent to a leasehold property. You must pass this on to the conveyancer instructed by you as soon as possible. Do make sure that that you have the requisite funding in place to complete on the on the contractual date .

I currently have a mortgage with Co-operative for my property in Llandudno. Conveyancing has been completed a year ago. Should I wish to rent out my property and do not currently have a buy-to-let mortgage do I need to remortgage to a BTL mortgage or inform Co-operative?

You must advise Co-operative prior to renting your property as this is likely to be a breach of Co-operative’s mortgage conditions. It may be that Co-operative will permit you to let out your former home without needing to switch to a buy-to-let mortgage but some lenders will add a surcharge to your mortgage rate to reflect the higher risk. You should contact Co-operative directly. You need not do this via a Co-operative conveyancing panel firm.

I have instructed a Llandudno lawyer having checked that they are on the Santander conveyancing panel. Does my lawyer arrange the survey of the property?

Santander will need an independent valuation of the property. Your lawyer will not arrange this. Usually Santander will appoint their own surveyor to do this, and you will have to pay for it. Remember that this is a valuation for mortgage purposes and not a survey. Your lawyer will not organise the survey but they may be able to put you in touch with a local one that they recommend. RICS offers a find a surveyor service (just google it) where you can search for a qualified surveyor by your Llandudno postcode. As you are getting a mortgage with Santander, you could contact them to see if they have a list of approved surveyors in Llandudno.

The deeds to our home are lost. The conveyancers who dealt with the conveyancing in Llandudno 4 years ago have long since closed. What are my options?

Nowadays there are duplicates made of almost everything, and your conveyancer should be aware exactly where to locate all the suitable documentation so you can buy or dispose of your house without a hitch. Where duplicates are not available, your lawyer can arrange cover in the form of insurance or indemnities against possible claims on your property.

Am I right to be concerned about brokers that I am dealing with are suggesting a factory type conveyancing firm rather than a High Street Llandudno conveyancing practice?

As with many professional services, often input from relatives can be extremely useful or valuable. Nevertheless there are numerous players in a conveyancing transaction; estate agents, mortgage brokers and mortgage companies might all recommend conveyancers to instruct. Sometimes the conveyancers might be known to one of the organisations as being good in their field, but occasionally there is an underlying commercial relationship behind the recommendation. You have the right to choose your preferred conveyancer. However, bear in mind that most lenders have an approved list of law firms you must use for the mortgage aspect of your conveyancing.

I own a leasehold house in Llandudno. Conveyancing and Barnsley Building Society mortgage are in place. I have received a letter from someone claiming to own the reversionary interest in the property. It included a demand for arrears of ground rent dating back to 1991. The conveyancing practitioner in Llandudno who acted for me is not around. What should I do?

First make enquiries of the Land Registry to make sure that this person is in fact the registered owner of the freehold reversion. You do not need to instruct a Llandudno conveyancing solicitor to do this as you can do this on the Land Registry website for £3. You should note that in any event, even if this is the rightful landlord, under the Limitation Act 1980 no more than 6 years of rent can be collected.

Llandudno Leasehold Conveyancing - Examples of Queries before buying

    On the whole the cost for major works are not included within maintenance charges, although there some managing agents in Llandudno obliged leaseholders to contribute towards a reserve fund and this is used to offset against larger works. The answer will be important as a) areas can result in problems in the building as the common areas may begin to deteriorate if repairs remain unpaid b) if the leaseholders have a dispute with the running of the building you will want to know about it It is important to be aware if changing the roof or some other significant cost is pending that will be shared amongst the leasehold owners and will materially increase the the maintenance costs or necessitate a one time invoice.

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