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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in St Asaph

It is is a decade since I purchased my house in St Asaph. Conveyancing lawyers have just been retained on the sale but I am unable to find the title documents. Will this jeopardise the sale?

Don’t worry too much. First the deeds may be with your lender or they could be in the possession of the solicitor who acted in the purchase. Secondly in most cases the land will be registered at the land registry and you will be able to establish that you are the registered owner by your conveyancing solicitors acquiring up to date copy of the land registers. Most conveyancing in St Asaph involves registered property but in the unlikely event that your property is unregistered it is more of a problem but is resolvable.

I am purchasing a victorian detached house in St Asaph. The intention is to an extension at the rear at the house.Will legal investigations on the property involve checks to see if these works are prohibited?

Your property lawyer should review the deeds as conveyancing in St Asaph can on occasion identify restrictions in the title deeds which restrict categories of changes or need the consent of a 3rd party. Some works call for local authority planning permissions and approval under the building regulations. Some areas are designated conservation areas and special planning restrictions apply which frequently prevent or affect extensions. You should check these things with a surveyor before you commit yourself to a purchase.

I have today made my last payment due on my mortgage with Leeds Building Society. I assume I don't need a St Asaph solicitor on the Leeds Building Society panel to discharge the mortgage at the Land Registry. Please confirm.

If you have finished paying off your Leeds Building Society mortgage, they may send you evidence showing that you have paid it off. Alternatively they may notify the Land Registry directly. The Land Registry need to see this evidence before they will remove the Leeds Building Society mortgage from the register. Leeds Building Society, and any evidence they send you, will determine the action you need to take. In cases where no conveyancer is acting for you and you have paid off your mortgage:

  1. but are not moving to another property
  2. where Leeds Building Society has sent the Land Registry the discharge electronically, and
  3. Leeds Building Society has instructed the Land Registry to do so
The Land Registry will send you a letter confirming that your Leeds Building Society mortgage has been paid off.

Our sealed bid on a property in St Asaph has been accepted, the owners do however have an associated purchase. The vendors have offered on somewhere, but it’s not been accepted yet, and are looking at other apartments in the pipeline. I have selected a local conveyancing solicitor in St Asaph. What do I do now? When should I get the mortgage application with Nottingham started?

It is normal to have anxieties where there is a chain as you are unlikely to want to be too out of pocket too early (mortgage application is approx one thousand pounds, then valuation, St Asaph conveyancing search fees, etc). The first course of action is to check that your lawyer is on the Nottingham approved list. Concerning the next steps this very much depends on the uniqueness of your transaction, desire for the property and on the state of the market. During a hot market many purchasers will apply for the mortgage with Nottingham and arrange for the valuation and only if it comes back ok would they pay their solicitor to press on with searches.

Are there restrictive covenants that are commonly picked up as part of conveyancing in St Asaph?

Restrictive covenants can be picked up when reviewing land registry title as part of the legal transfer of property in St Asaph. An 1874 stipulation that was seen was ‘The houses to be erected on the estate are each to be of a uniform elevation in accordance with the drawings to be prepared or approved by the vendor’s surveyor…’

How easy is it to switch solicitor as I need to select a firm on the Chelsea Building Society conveyancing panel. I instructed a local conveyancing solicitor in St Asaph five minutes from me but he is not approved by Chelsea Building Society

It would be our pleasure to help you find a conveyancing solicitor in St Asaph on the Chelsea Building Society panel. Please note that the solicitors that we list do not pay us commission if you instruct them and are fully regulated by the SRA who oversee all conveyancing solicitors in St Asaph. In utilising the find a conveyancing solicitor tool on this site, you can contrast fees for conveyancing solicitors in St Asaph and beyond.

What are your top tips when it comes to finding a St Asaph conveyancing practice to deal with our lease extension?

If you are instructing a solicitor for lease extension works (regardless if they are a St Asaph conveyancing practice) it is imperative that he or she should be familiar with the legislation and specialises in this area of work. We recommend that you make enquires with several firms including non St Asaph conveyancing practices prior to instructing a firm. If the firm is ALEP accredited then so much the better. The following questions might be helpful:

    If they are not ALEP accredited then what is the reason? What volume of lease extensions has the firm conducted in St Asaph in the last twenty four months?

St Asaph Conveyancing for Leasehold Flats - Examples of Queries before buying

    On the whole the cost for major works are not included within service charges, albeit that some managing agents in St Asaph ask leasehold owners to pay into a reserve fund and this is used to offset against major repairs or maintenance. How many of the leaseholders are in arrears for their service charge payments?

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