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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Stapleton

I am obtaining a mortgage offer from Nat West. My intention is to instruct a Licensed Conveyancer in Stapleton. Does the Nat West Solicitor panel allow for Licensed Conveyancers?

The Nat West conveyancing panel is, like many other lenders, represented by the CML or BSA, open to Licensed Conveyancers regulated by the CLC.

We have very assertive vendors who has insisted on a exclusivity agreement with a down payment 6,000. Are such agreements sensible?

This kind of contract isn't common in Stapleton, conveyancers will often direct clients away from them as they divert attention from the primary objective, namely conveyancing and if you end up losing your deposit then the solicitor at best left with an upset client and at worst a litigious one. In addition, there is no guarantee that just because the vendor has executed an exclusivity agreement they will complete the sale with you. They may breach the agreement if they receive a big enough financial inducement to do so because an aggrieved party with the benefit of a exclusivitycontract will still be obliged establish consequential losses from the breach and these may not equate the extra amount that your vendor may gain by breaking the agreement, however morally condemnable it undoubtedly is.

My wife and I are planning on selling our house in Stapleton and the buyers lawyers are claiming that there is a possibility that the property was built on contaminated land. Any local lawyer would know that there is no such problem. For the life of me I don't know why the buyers used a national conveyancing firm rather than a conveyancing solicitor in Stapleton. Having lived in Stapleton for many years we know that this is a non issue. Do we get in touch with our local Authority to get confirmation need.

It would appear that you have a conveyancing solicitor already. Are they able to advise? You should enquire of your lawyer before you do anything. It is very possible that once the local authority has been informed of a potential issue it cannot be insured against (a bit like being diagnosed with a serious illness and then taking out life insurance to cover that same illness)

What does commercial conveyancing in Stapleton cover?

Stapleton conveyancing for business premises incorporates a broad range of advice, given by qualified solicitors, relating to business property. For instance, this type of conveyancing can cover the sale or purchase of freehold business premises or, more usually, the assignment of existing leases or the drafting of new leasing arrangements. Commercial conveyancing solicitors can also offer advice on the sale of business assets, commercial mortgages and the termination of leases.

My husband and I have recently had an offer accepted on a apartment and had an appointment on Wednesday with Leeds Building Society for the mortgage. They advised us that when it comes to selecting a conveyancer that if they are not on their approved panel of conveyancers then we will have to pay out an additional charge of about two hundred pounds. This is because they would then have to instruct a conveyancer to act on their behalf in addition to the one we choose to act for ourselves and we are liable for their costs. I have asked Leeds Building Society to provide me with a list so I can seek quotes only from their approved solicitors but was told they dont have such a list to hand over. Is there a list online?

You can enquire of Leeds Building Society what their criteria for joining their panel is for a solicitor.Thereafter ask the solicitor of your choice whether they fit that criteria and have they acted on mortgages for Leeds Building Society before. Where the answer to those is yes, then just clarify this with Leeds Building Society. Another option is to make use of our search tool and we may be able to locate a conveyancing practitioner in Stapleton on the approved list for Leeds Building Society.

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