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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Wynyard

Me and my partner are purchasing a apartment in Wynyard. I might seem paranoid but how we can trust a lawyer? On the day of competition we will need to deposit our life savings into their account. What is the protection we have from them run away with our money?

Be assured that all money in a Solicitors client account is 100% safe, and even if your Solicitor ran off with it, the Law Society would reimburse you fully.

I happen to be the only beneficiary of my late mum's estate with all property in now in my sole name, including the house in Wynyard. The Wynyard property was put into my name in January. I want to move. I understand that there is a Mortgage Lenders six month 'rule', which means that my proprietorship could be considered the same way as though I had purchased the property in January. Do I have to wait half a year to sell?

The CML handbook requires conveyancers to: "report to us immediately if the owner or registered proprietor has been registered for less than six months." By the strict wording you might be caught by that. How sensible a view banks take of it, depend on the lender as this obligation is chiefly there to pick up on the purchase and immediately sell or the flipping of property.

At last I have had an offer on a flat in Wynyard accepted, the sellers do nevertheless have a connected purchase. The owners have offered on a property, however it’s not yet agreed to, and have viewings of other apartments in the pipeline. I have chosen a bricks and mortar conveyancing solicitor in Wynyard. What do I do now? At what stage do I apply for the mortgage with Santander?

It is usual to have apprehensions where there is a chain as you are unlikely to want to be too out of pocket prematurely (mortgage application is approx one thousand pounds, then survey, Wynyard conveyancing search charges, etc). First, you should check that your lawyer is on the Santander approved list. As to the next stages this very much depends on the circumstances of your case, attraction to the property and on the state of the market. In a hot market the majority of buyers would apply for a home loan with Santander and pay for the valuation and only if it comes back ok would they request their lawyer to move forward with searches.

Will commercial conveyancing searches reveal proposed roadworks that may affect a commercial land in Wynyard?

Its becoming the norm that commercial conveyancing solicitors in Wynyard will conduct a SiteSolutions Highways report as it dramatically cuts the time that conveyancers invest in researching accurate data on highways that impact buildings and development assets in Wynyard. The report provides definitive information on the adoption status of roads, footpaths and verges, as well as the implication of traffic schemes and the rights of way surrounding a commercial development sites in Wynyard.

For each commercial conveyancing transaction in Wynyard it is crucial to investigate the adoption status of roads surrounding a site. Failure to identify developments where adoption procedures have not been addressed adequately may result in delays to Wynyard commercial conveyancing deals as well as pose a risk to future plans for the site. These searches are not carried out for domestic conveyancing in Wynyard.

My partner has encouraged me to instruct his conveyancing solicitors in Wynyard. Do I take his guidance?

Much as we are happy to recommend a Wynyard conveyancing lawyer the best way to select a conveyancing practitioner is to seek feedback from friends or family who have experience in using the conveyancer you're are thinking of instructing.

Completion is due on the sale of our £175,000 flat in Wynyard on Thursday in a week. The landlords agents has quoted £336 for Landlord’s certificate, building insurance schedule and previous years service charge statements. Is it legal for a freeholder to charge exorbitant fees for a leasehold conveyance in Wynyard?

Wynyard conveyancing on leasehold flats nine out of ten times involves fees being levied by landlords agents :

    Completing pre-contract enquiries Where consent is required before sale in Wynyard Copies of the building insurance and schedule Deeds of covenant upon sale Registering of the assignment of the change of lessee after a sale
Your lawyer will have no control over the level of the charges for this information but the average costs for the information for Wynyard leasehold premises is £350. For Wynyard conveyancing transactions it is customary for the seller to pay for these costs. The landlord or their agents are under no legal obligation to answer such questions most will be willing to do so - albeit often at exorbitant prices where the fees bear little relation to the work involved. Unfortunately there is no law that requires fixed charges for administrative tasks. Neither is there any legal time frame by which they are required to supply answers.

I acquired a studio flat in Wynyard, conveyancing was carried out May 2010. How much will my lease extension cost? Corresponding flats in Wynyard with an extended lease are worth £216,000. The average or mid-range amount of ground rent is £50 invoiced annually. The lease terminates on 21st October 2088

With just 69 years unexpired the likely cost is going to range between £9,500 and £11,000 plus legals.

The suggested premium range that we have given is a general guide to costs for renewing a lease, but we cannot give you a more accurate figure without more comprehensive investigations. You should not use the figures in a Notice of Claim or as an informal offer. There may be other issues that need to be taken into account and clearly you want to be as accurate as possible in your negotiations. You should not move forward based on this information before seeking the advice of a professional.

I purchased a house in Wynyard last 22/11/2017 and to date it is still not registered with HMLR. It is part of a development site and my lawyer told me that it may take twelve months to register. I have called the Land Registry directly and they have informed me the initial application was cancelled due to failure to reply to requisitions. Do I need to be concerned?

It is your property lawyer that you should contact in order to satisfy any issues which have arisen as part of the registration process for your Wynyard property. Normal Wynyard conveyancing practice includes an undertaking on the part of the previous owner’s lawyer that they will assist in resolving any requirements raised by HMLR so it may be a case of seeking to enforce that undertaking if necessary.

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