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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Henbury

The lawyer who dealt with my former purchase has quoted £1350 for no sale no fee conveyancing in Henbury. I’m looking to sell a newly refurbished house for £225,000. Are these conveyancing fees excessive? Is it above the average fee for conveyancing in Henbury?

The estimate does seem a tad steep. If you are willing to spend time scrutinising costs you might get the conveyancing a bit cheaper by perhaps £125. On the other hand, you couldlive to regret choosing an an unknown solicitor. Don't forget to check the conveyancer can act for your mortgage company. You can utilise our comparison tool to choose a Henbury conveyancing firm on the lender’s conveyancing panel which can often include conveyancing solicitors in Henbury.

I own a freehold property in Henbury but still invoiced for rent, why is this and what is this?

It is rare for properties in Henbury and has limited impact for conveyancing in Henbury but some freehold properties in England (particularly common in North West England) pay an annual sum known as a Chief Rent or a Rentcharge to a third party who has no other legal interest in the land.

Rentcharge payments are usually between £2.00 and £5.00 per year. Rentcharges have existed for many centuries, but the Rent Charge Act 1977 barred the creation of fresh rentcharges from 1977 onwards.

Old rentcharges can now be redeemed by making a one off payment under the Act. Any rentcharges that are still in existence after 2037 will be dispensed with completely.

Will commercial conveyancing searches reveal planned roadworks that could affect a commercial premises in Henbury?

Its becoming the norm that commercial conveyancing solicitors in Henbury will perform a SiteSolutions Highways report as it dramatically cuts the time that conveyancers expend in sourcing accurate data on highways that impact buildings and development assets in Henbury. The report sets out definitive data on the adoption status of roads, footpaths and verges, as well as the implication of traffic schemes and the rights of way surrounding a commercial development sites in Henbury.

For every commercial conveyancing transaction in Henbury it is critical to investigate the adoption status of roads surrounding a site. Failure to identify developments where adoption procedures have not been addressed adequately may result in delays to Henbury commercial conveyancing deals as well as pose a risk to future intentions for the site. These searches are not carried out for residential conveyancing in Henbury.

Despite weeks of looking the Title Certificate and documents to our home can not be found. The solicitors who did the conveyancing in Henbury 10 years ago have long since closed. What are my next steps?

Gone are the days when you need to hold title original deeds to evidence that you are the owner of your registered land or property, given that the Land Registry have everything they need in a digital format.

In relation to leasehold conveyancing in Henbury what are the most frequent lease defects?

There is nothing unique about leasehold conveyancing in Henbury. Most leases are drafted differently and legal mistakes in the legal wording can result in certain provisions are not included. The following missing provisions could result in a defective lease:

    Repairing obligations to or maintain parts of the building

You may encounter difficulties when selling your property if you have a defective lease primarily because it impacts on the ability to obtain a mortgage on the property. Accord Mortgages Ltd, Norwich and Peterborough Building Society, and TSB all have very detailed conveyancing instructions when it comes to what is expected in a lease. If a mortgage lender believes that the lease is defective they may refuse to grant the mortgage, forcing the buyer to pull out.

I purchased a split level flat in Henbury, conveyancing was carried out June 2011. Can you work out an approximate cost of a lease extension? Comparable properties in Henbury with a long lease are worth £176,000. The ground rent is £50 invoiced annually. The lease ends on 21st October 2073

With just 50 years remaining on your lease we estimate the price of your lease extension to be between £31,400 and £36,200 as well as plus your own and the landlord's "reasonable" professional fees.

The figure that we have given is a general guide to costs for extending a lease, but we are not able to provide a more accurate figure in the absence of comprehensive investigations. You should not use the figures in tribunal or court proceedings. There may be other concerns that need to be taken into account and clearly you should be as accurate as possible in your negotiations. Please do not move forward placing reliance on this information without first getting professional advice.

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