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Ready to buy a new home in Horfield? Failing to check that a lawyer is on your lender’s list of approved solicitors can put your Horfield conveyancing at risk of delay or failure.

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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Horfield

Can I use your services to find a Conveyancing solicitor in Horfield even if I’m not buying or disposing of a house, for example if I want to buy a shop in Horfield with a loan from TSB?

Our comparison service is predominantly there to select residential conveyancing solicitors in Horfield but we have set out towards the end of this page some Horfield commercial conveyancing firms. You should make contact with the firm directly to see if they are also authorised to represent TSB

I have been told that property searches are the main reason for hinderance in Horfield conveyancing transactions. Is that correct?

The Council of Property Search Organisations (CoPSO) has noted the determinations of a review by MoveWithUs that conveyancing searches do not feature amongst the most frequent causes of hindrances during the legal transfer of property. Local searches are not likely to be the root cause of delay in conveyancing in Horfield.

In surfing the world wide web for the words cheap conveyancing in Horfield it shows results of numerous property lawyerslocally. With so much choice what is the best way to find the suitable conveyancing solicitor for purchase transaction?

The ideal method of choosing the right conveyancer is through a trusted testimonial, so seek the guidance of friends and those you trust who have bought a property in Horfield or a respected estate agent or mortgage broker. Costs for conveyancing in Horfield differ, so it's a good idea to secure a minimum of three fee calculations from different companies. Dont forget to clarify that the fees are fixed.

Do you have any advice for leasehold conveyancing in Horfield from the perspective of saving time on the sale process?

  • A significant proportion of the delay in leasehold conveyancing in Horfield can be reduced if you appoint lawyers the minute you market your property and ask them to put together the leasehold information which will be required by the purchasers’ solicitors.
  • If you have carried out any alterations to the premises would they have required Landlord’s consent? In particular have you installed wooden flooring? Most leases in Horfield state that internal structural changes or addition of wooden flooring necessitate a licence issued by the Landlord approving such changes. Should you fail to have the paperwork in place you should not contact the landlord without contacting your solicitor in the first instance. If there is a history of conflict with your freeholder or managing agents it is very important that these are resolved before the property is marketed. The buyers and their solicitors will be nervous about purchasing a flat where a dispute is ongoing. You may need to swallow your pride and discharge any arrears of service charge or resolve the dispute prior to completion of the sale. It is therefore preferable to have any dispute settled prior to the contract papers being issued to the buyers’ solicitors. You will still have to reveal particulars of the dispute to the purchasers, but it is clearly preferable to reveal the dispute as historic as opposed to ongoing. You may think that you are aware of the number of years remaining on your lease but you should verify this via your solicitors. A buyer’s lawyer will be unlikely to recommend their client to to exchange contracts if the remaining number of years is less than 75 years. It is therefore essential at an as soon as possible that you consider whether the lease term for your property needs extending. If it does, contact your solicitors before you put your premises on the market for sale.

Horfield Leasehold Conveyancing - Examples of Queries before buying

    Is the freehold reversion owned jointly by the leaseholders? The prefered form of lease structure is a share of the freehold. In this arrangement the leaseholders benefit from being in charge if their destiny and even though a managing agent is frequently retained if the building is larger than a house conversion, the managing agent is directed by the tenants. It is important to be aware whether a new roof is being installed or some other significant cost is due shortly to be shared amongst the tenants and could well dramatically impact the level of the service fees or require a one time invoice.

Me and my wife are soon to complete on the purchase a house in Horfield but as a consequence of damage from the recent storms I have agreed recompense from the current proprietors of £3k by way of a adjustment in the price. This was going to be dealt with as part of the conveyancing process yet the lender will not agree to this. Should they have been approached?

Any property lawyer that is on the bank conveyancing panel is obliged to inform the lender of any variations to the purchase figure. If you were to refuse your conveyancer to disclose the reduction to your mortgage company then they would need to disinstructing themselves from acting for you and the bank.

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