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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Easton

The vendors of the home we are looking to purchase have instructed a conveyancing firm in Easton who has suggested a lock out contract with a deposit 10k. Is it wise to enter into such agreements?

This type of contract is unusual in Easton, conveyancers are often found to direct clients away from them as they detract from focusing on the main conveyancing focus and if you end up having your deposit forfeited then the lawyer is left exposed. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that just because the vendor has executed an exclusivity agreement they will complete the sale with you. They may be motivated to break the contract if they are offered sufficient financial inducement to do so because a wronged buyer with the benefit of a lockoutcontract will still be duty bound to establish consequential losses from the breach and these may not equate the extra amount that the owner may secure by breaking the contract, however morally unworthy it undoubtedly is.

We are buying a house in Easton. It might be a silly question but how we can trust a conveyancer? On the day of competition we will need to send funds into their account. What is the protection we have from them run away with our money?

Be assured that all money in a Solicitors client account is 100% safe, and even if your Solicitor ran off with it, the Law Society would reimburse you fully.

I am aiming to move house in October. Should my conveyancing solicitor liaise with the removal company on the day of completion. On a separate note, can you put forward a removal company in Easton. Conveyancing firm was found before I stumbled across your page.

On the day of completion you will need to pick up the keys from the property agent however this should only take place once the previous owners conveyancers confirm to the agent that they acknowledge receipt of the completion payment and the keys can be collected. You should tell the removal company that you are ready to move in. As a matter of policy we do not recommend a particular removal organisation but can assist you in choosing a conveyancing in Easton or a solicitor that specialises in conveyancing in Easton.

Can you help - my lawyer advises that missing deeds insurance is necessary on my purchase. What is the typical level of cover needed for conveyancing in Easton?

The right level of missing deeds indemnity insurance depends on who your lender is. It would differ for example between Santander and Leeds Building Society. Conveyancing practitioners as opposed to borrowers take out such policies.

We are downsizing from our home in Easton and the buyers lawyers are claiming that there is a risk of it being constructed on contaminated land. A high street Easton lawyer would know this is not the case. It does beg the question why the buyers used a national conveyancing firm as opposed to a conveyancing solicitor in Easton. We have lived in Easton for six years we know that this is a non issue. Should we contact our local Authority to obtain clarification need.

It would appear that you have a conveyancing solicitor already. What do they say? You should enquire of your lawyer before you do anything. It is very possible that once the local authority has been informed of a potential issue it cannot be insured against (a bit like being diagnosed with a serious illness and then taking out life insurance to cover that same ailment)

I used Stirling Law a few years past for my conveyancing in Easton. Now, I need my files but the law firm has closed. What do I do?

Do call the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) to assist in tracing your conveyancing files. They can be contacted on please contact on 0870 606 2555. Alternatively, you should use their online form to make an enquiry. You will need to provide the SRA with as much information as possible to assist their search, including the name and address in Easton of the conveyancing firm of solicitors you previously instructed, the name of conveyancing solicitor with whom you had dealings, and the date on which you last had dealings with the firm.

I am buying a new build apartment in Easton. Conveyancing is necessary evil at the best of times but I have never purchased a new build flat before. Can you give me some examples of some of the questions asked in new build conveyancing.

Set out below are examples of a selection of leasehold new build questions that you should expect your new-build leasehold conveyancing in Easton

    The Vendor must covenant to keep unoccupied units in good repair until long leases are granted therefore. Where service of notices and proceedings can be at the property demised please confirm that this can be amended to include simultaneous services at the Lessees’ solicitors’ offices where the Lessee from time to time is not resident in the UK - such solicitors may be varied by notice in writing to the Landlord from time to time but otherwise will be as previously specified. Forfeiture - bankruptcy or liquidation must not apply under this provision. The Lease must contain a provision on behalf of the Vendor to pay the service charges in respect of unoccupied units in order to ensure that all services can be provided. There must be mutual enforceability of lessee’s covenants.

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