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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Stratford Upon Avon

We were just about to exchange contracts for a ground floor flat in Stratford Upon Avon. We have hit a snag. The loan offer with Birmingham Midshires runs out on 11/2/2019 but the vendors are putting forward a completion date of 13/2/2019. Can one extend the loan offer?

The best person to deal with your issue is your lawyer who will assess if he or she is better off negotiating with the bank, seller’s representatives, selling agents or possibly all parties taking into account the circumstances your house move as of today.

I am buying a right to buy a flat in Stratford Upon Avon. How practical is it for me to do the conveyancing?

Leaving aside the complexities and merits of DIY conveyancing in Stratford Upon Avon you will have to appoint a solicitor on your bank's conveyancing panel to look after their interests. Most people therefore find it easier to let the solicitor act for them and the lender. Furthermore there is minimal cost savings to be made in you doing conveyancing for yourself and another lawyer conducting the conveyancing for the lender. Please feel free to use the search tool to find a lawyer on your lender panel in Stratford Upon Avon.

I am planning to move property in January. Does my conveyancing solicitor liaise with the removal company on the completion day. As an aside, can you recommend a removal company in Stratford Upon Avon. Conveyancing firm was found before I stumbled across this site.

On the afternoon of completion you can collect the keys from your property agent but this can only take place when the previous owners conveyancers advise the agent that the monies to complete are in and the keys can be released. You will need to advise the removal company that you are ready to move in. As a matter of policy we do not suggest a specific removal organisation but can help you choose a residential property solicitor in Stratford Upon Avon or a firm that specialises in conveyancing in Stratford Upon Avon.

I happen to be the only recipient of my late grandmother’s will with all property in now in my sole name, including the my former home in Stratford Upon Avon. The Stratford Upon Avon property was put into my name in November. I plan to dispose of the property. I understand that there is a CML 6 month 'rule', which means that my property ownership may be considered the same way as though I had purchased the property in November. Is the property unsalable for six months?

The CML handbook requires solicitors to: "report to us immediately if the owner or registered proprietor has been registered for less than six months." Technically you might be affected by that. Most banks would take a sensible view as this provision is chiefly there to identify subsales or the quick reselling of property.

My partner and I are spending time looking at houses in Stratford Upon Avon and I am about to put in an offer. Is it advisable to have my property lawyer on ‘stand by’? I intend to finance via a mortgage with RBS.

You should start obtaining conveyancing estimates from solicitors ASAP. Once you decide who you want to use and once your offer is accepted you can instruct them to work for you and forward their details on to the EA. Given that you are getting a mortgage with RBS, ask your prospective lawyers if they are on the RBS conveyancing panel otherwise they can't do the mortgage legal work.

Despite weeks of looking the Title Certificate and documents to our property are lost. The conveyancers who did the conveyancing in Stratford Upon Avon 4 years ago have long since closed. What do I do?

You no longer need to hold title original deeds to evidence that you are the registered proprietor of land or premises, given that the Land Registry have everything they need in a digital format.

Do you have any top tips for leasehold conveyancing in Stratford Upon Avon from the perspective of saving time on the sale process?

  • Much of the delay in leasehold conveyancing in Stratford Upon Avon can be avoided where you appoint lawyers as soon as you market your property and ask them to put together the leasehold documentation needed by the purchasers’ lawyers.
  • Many landlords or managing agents in Stratford Upon Avon charge for providing management packs for a leasehold premises. You or your lawyers should find out the fee that they propose to charge. The management pack can be applied for on or before finding a buyer, thus reducing delays. The average time it takes to obtain the necessary information is three weeks. It is the most common cause of frustration in leasehold conveyancing in Stratford Upon Avon. If you are supposed to have a share in the Management Company, you should ensure that you hold the original share certificate. Organising a replacement share certificate is often a lengthy formality and frustrates many a Stratford Upon Avon conveyancing deal. Where a duplicate share is necessary, you should approach the company director and secretary or managing agents (if relevant) for this at the earliest opportunity. You believe that you know the number of years remaining on your lease but you should double-check via your conveyancers. A purchaser's lawyer will not be happy to advise their client to to exchange contracts if the lease term is under 75 years. It is therefore important at an as soon as possible that you identify whether the lease for your property needs extending. If it does, contact your solicitors before you put your home on the market for sale.

Stratford Upon Avon Leasehold Conveyancing - A selection of Queries before buying

    The best form of lease arrangement is where the freehold title is in the ownership of the leaseholders. In this situation the leaseholders benefit from control and even though a managing agent is often retained where it is bigger than a house conversion, the managing agent acts for the leaseholders themselves. Where a Stratford Upon Avon lease has fewer than 80 years it will impact the marketability of the property. Check with your bank that they are content with remaining years on the lease. A short lease means that you will almost definitely require a lease extension sooner rather than later and you need to have some idea of what this would cost. For most Stratford Upon Avonlease extensions you will need to own the property for 24 months before you are legally able to extend the lease. How long is the Lease?

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