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Ready to buy a new home in Sunningdale? Failing to check that a lawyer is on your lender’s list of approved solicitors can put your Sunningdale conveyancing at risk of delay or failure.

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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Sunningdale

My Solicitor in Sunningdale is not listed on the Chelsea Building Society Solicitor Panel. Can I still retain my family solicitor even though they are excluded from the Chelsea Building Society approved list?

Your options are as follows:

  1. Carry on with your existing Sunningdale lawyers but Chelsea Building Society will need to retain a solicitor on their list of acceptable firms. This will inevitably rack up the total legal charges as well as cause delays.
  2. Choose an alternative lawyer to act in the purchase, not forgetting to check they are Persuade your lawyer to do everything within their powers to join the Chelsea Building Society conveyancing panel

Due to the advice of my in-laws I had a survey completed on a property in Sunningdale before retaining solicitors. I have been told that there is a flying freehold element to the house. Our surveyor has said that some lenders may refuse to grant a loan on this type of property.

It varies from the lender to lender. HSBC has different instructions from Birmingham Midshires. If you contact us we can check with the appropriate bank. If you lender is happy to lend one our lawyers can help as they are accustomed to dealing with flying freeholds in Sunningdale. Conveyancing can be more complicated and therefore you should check with your conveyancing solicitor in Sunningdale to see if the conveyancing will be more expensive.

I have been pointed in your direction by numerous estate agents in Sunningdale to select a conveyancer on your site. Is there a financial incentive for Estate Agents to offer your services over another?

We refuse to offer any financial incentive for pointing buyers and sellers in our direction. We thought it would be too underhand to pay a commission because members of the public would think, ‘How come the agent getting a kickback? Why am I not receiving any benefit too?’ So we decided to step away from that.

Can you provide any top tips for leasehold conveyancing in Sunningdale from the point of view of speeding up the sale process?

  • A significant proportion of the frustration in leasehold conveyancing in Sunningdale can be bypassed if you instruct lawyers the minute you market your property and request that they start to put together the leasehold documentation needed by the buyers’ solicitors.
  • You believe that you know the number of years remaining on your lease but it would be wise to verify this via your lawyers. A purchaser's conveyancer will not be happy to advise their client to where the remaining number of years is under 75 years. In the circumstances it is essential at an early stage that you consider whether the lease term requires a lease extension. If it does, contact your solicitors before you put your property on the market for sale. In the event that you altered the property did you need the Landlord’s consent? Have you, for example installed wooden flooring? Sunningdale leases often stipulate that internal structural alterations or laying down wooden flooring calls for a licence issued by the Landlord acquiescing to such works. If you dont have the consents to hand you should not communicate with the landlord without contacting your lawyer in the first instance. A minority of Sunningdale leases require Landlord’s consent to the sale and approval of the buyers. If this applies to your lease, it would be prudent to place the estate agents on notice to make sure that the purchasers obtain bank and professional references. Any bank reference will need to confirm that the buyers are financially capable of paying the yearly service charge and the actual amount of the service charge should be quoted in the bank’s letter. You will therefore need to provide your estate agents with the actual amount of the service charge so that they can pass this information on to the purchasers or their solicitors.

Sunningdale Conveyancing for Leasehold Flats - Examples of Questions you should ask before Purchasing

    Who manages the block? You should want to find out as much as possible regarding the managing agents as they will affect your use and enjoyment of the property. Being a leasehold owner you are often at the mercy of the managing agents both financially and when it comes to every day matters like the tidiness of the communal areas. Enquire of other tenants what they think of them. Finally, be sure you understand the dates that you are obliged pay the maintenance charge to the managing agents and precisely how they are spending that money. It would be wise to enquire if there is anything that is prohibited in the lease. By way of example some leases prohibit pets being permitted in certain buildings in Sunningdale. If you like the apartmentin Sunningdale however your dog is not allowed to move with you then you will be faced hard decision.

How much will conveyancing in Sunningdale cost?

Almost all Sunningdale conveyancing practices will charge a standard fee. In the event that additional work becomes necessary during the conveyancing your lawyer is obliged advise you in writing of such additional costs for any work immediately it becomes foreseeable. Some work on a no move no charge basis, others will charge a percentage of the set fee, depending on the point at which the conveyancing aborts.

It may be helpful for you to seek a few conveyancers to give you a quotation.

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