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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Whitchurch

I require fast conveyancing in Whitchurch as I am faced with pressure to complete in less than 4 weeks. Fortunately I do not require a mortgage. Is it possible to decline from having conveyancing searches to save fees and time?

As you are not obtaining a home loan you have the choice not to have searches carried out although no solicitor would recommend that you don't. Drawing on years of experience of conveyancing in Whitchurch the following are instances of issues that can arise and adversely affect market value: Enforcement Notices, Outstanding Fees, Outstanding Grants, Road Schemes,...

I moved into my flat on 3 February and my personal details is not yet registered. Should I be concerned? My conveyancing solicitor in Whitchurch expressed confidence that it would be dealt with in less than a month. Are titles in Whitchurch particularly slow to register?

As far as conveyancing in Whitchurch is concerned, registration is no faster or slower than anywhere else in the country. As opposed to being determined by geographic area, timescales can adjust according to who lodges the application, whether there are errors and whether the Land registry communicate with any third parties. At present roughly 80% of submission are fully addressed in less than three weeks but some can be subject to extensive delays. Historically registration occurs after the new owner has moved in to the premises therefore 'speed' is not always primary concern but if there is a degree of urgency associated with the registration then you or your solicitor must communicate with the Registry to express the reasoning for the application to be prioritised.

I am looking to sell my home. My former lawyers have shut. It would be helpful to have a recommendation of a conveyancing firm. Im based in Whitchurch if that affects matters.

Please use our search tool to help you choose a solicitor for your conveyancing in Whitchurch. We have connected thousands of home buyers and sellers with regulated solicitors to ensure that the legalities of their house move goes smoothly.

Back In 2003, I bought a leasehold house in Whitchurch. Conveyancing and Barclays mortgage organised. A letter has just been received from someone claiming to own the freehold. Attached was a demand for arrears of ground rent dating back to 1996. The conveyancing practitioner in Whitchurch who acted for me is not around. What should I do?

The first thing you should do is make enquiries of the Land Registry to be sure that this person is indeed the new freeholder. It is not necessary to incur the fees of a Whitchurch conveyancing practitioner to do this as you can do this on the Land Registry website for £3. You should note that in any event, even if this is the legitimate freeholder, under the Limitation Act 1980 the limitation period for recovery of ground rent is six years.

Leasehold Conveyancing in Whitchurch - Examples of Queries Prior to buying

    What is the annual maintenance fee and ground rent? Make sure you discover if the the lease includes any unreasonable restrictions in the lease. For example some leases prohibit pets being allowed in in a block in Whitchurch. If you like the propertyin Whitchurch but your dog can’t make the move with you then you have a very difficult choice.

I pay a service charge for my appartment in Whitchurch. As a result of poor financial planning I slipped into arrears with remittance. The managing agents agreed a settlement plan but there remains two remaining to be paid.

I want to dispose of the property and I am nervous that this could threaten to derail the sale if I have to discharge the arrears first. I'd like to sell up and then pay them back with the completion monies - is this viable?

Do check with the lawyer dealing with your Whitchurch conveyancing but it may be possible to arrange for the outstanding amount to be attributed to the buyers. The purchase price they pay would be adjusted to reflect the amount of debt they assume. They would then pay the outstanding monies post completion of the purchase.

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