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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Keynsham

My best friend’s brother is a property lawyer. I suspect that I will receive mate’s fee for conveyancing, However if that does not come through, what kind of costs should I be expecting for conveyancing in Keynsham?

It’s prudent to obtain 3 or more like-for-like conveyancing estimates. Make use of our comparison tool on this page. You will notice that quotes do be different but the service one can expect differ between property lawyers as is true with most professions.

We just had an offer accepted to purchase with Loughborough BS. We have called around locally yet am unable to find a Keynsham conveyancing firm on the Loughborough BS panel. Can you help?

Please do take advantage of the search tool on this web page. Please choose the lender and type Keynsham or your location and you will discover numerous conveyancers located in Keynsham or by proximity to you.

What can a local search reveal about the property I am buying in Keynsham?

Keynsham conveyancing often commences with the submitting local authority searches directly from your local Authority or via a personal search company such as PSG The local search plays a central role in many a Keynsham conveyancing purchase; that is if you wish to avoid any unpleasant surprises after you move into your new home. The search should supply data on, amongst other things, details on planning applications applicable to the property (whether granted or refused), building control history, any enforcement action, restrictions on permitted development, nearby road schemes, contaminated land and radon gas; in all a total of 13 subject headings.

I've recently found out that there is a flying freehold issue on a property I put an offer in a fortnight ago in what was supposed to be a simple, no chain conveyancing. Keynsham is the location of the property. Is there any guidance you can give?

Flying freeholds in Keynsham are not the norm but are more likely to exist in relation to terraced houses. Even where you use a solicitor outside Keynsham you would need to get your solicitor to go through the deeds very carefully. Your mortgage company may require your conveyancing solicitor to take out an indemnity policy. Some of the more diligent conveyancing solicitors in Keynsham may decide that this is not enough and that the deeds be re-written to give you the most up to date legal protection. If so, the next door neighbour also had to sign up to the revised deeds.It is possible that your lender will not accept the situation so the sooner you find out the better. You should also check with your insurance broker as to whether they will insure a flying freehold residence.

Is it possible to switch conveyancer as I have to choose a firm on the Barclays conveyancing list. I hired a high street conveyancing solicitor in Keynsham five minutes from me but he is not accepted by Barclays

It would be our pleasure to assist you select a conveyancing solicitor in Keynsham on the Barclays panel. Please note that the law firms that we work with do not pay us commission if you instruct them and are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority who oversee all conveyancing solicitors in Keynsham. In making use of search facility on this site, you can scrutinise fees for conveyancing solicitors in Keynsham and beyond.

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