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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Clapham and Salph End

We were about to instruct a conveyancing solicitor in Clapham and Salph End listed by you but stumbled across alternative estimates on the internet look cheaper – how come?

You can find many firms of conveyancing organisations advertising self styled cut-price conveyancing, unfortunately it’s common in such cases for additionalcharges result in the completion fee being escalated. According to the Legal Ombudsman charges set out in terms and conditions should be equitable invoiced The conveyancers that we list for conveyancing in Clapham and Salph End genuinely set out all charges for a domestic conveyancing matter.

I require fast conveyancing in Clapham and Salph End as I have a deadline to sign on the dotted line in less than 3 weeks. A mortgage is not required. Is it possible to avoid the conveyancing searches to save money and time?

If.Given you are are a mortgage free buyer you have the choice not to have searches carried out although no lawyer would suggest that you don't. With lots of history conveyancing in Clapham and Salph End the following are instances of issues that can appear and therefore impact future mortgageability: Enforcement Actions, Outstanding Fees, Overdue Grants, Road Schemes,...

Have completed on a a detached house in Clapham and Salph End , how long will it take for the Land Registry to register the transfer to my name? My Clapham and Salph End conveyancing solicitor works at snail pace, so I want to check that my purchase is registered.

As far as conveyancing in Clapham and Salph End registration is no quicker or slower than anywhere else in England and Wales. Rather than based on location, timeframes can adjust according to the party submitting the application, whether there are errors and whether the Land registry need to notify any other persons or bodies. Currently approximately three quarters of submission are fully dealt with within 12 days but occasionally there can be protracted hold-ups. Historically registration takes place after the purchaser has moved in to the premises thus 'speed' is not typically an essential issue but where there is a degree of urgency associated with the registration then you or your solicitor should contact the land registry and explain the circumstances.

I opted to have a survey carried out on a house in Clapham and Salph End prior to appointing conveyancers. I have been told that there is a flying freehold overhang to the house. My surveyor has said that some lenders may not give a loan on this type of home.

It varies from the lender to lender. Lloyds has different requirements from Halifax. Should you wish to call us we can check via the appropriate mortgage company. If you lender is happy to lend one our lawyers can help as they are accustomed to dealing with flying freeholds in Clapham and Salph End. Conveyancing may be slightly more expensive based on your lender's requirements.

What are your top tips when it comes to appointing a Clapham and Salph End conveyancing practice to carry out our lease extension conveyancing?

If you are instructing a property lawyer for your lease extension (regardless if they are a Clapham and Salph End conveyancing firm) it is most important that he or she should be familiar with the legislation and specialises in this area of conveyancing. We advise that you speak with several firms including non Clapham and Salph End conveyancing practices prior to instructing a firm. If the firm is ALEP accredited then that’s a bonus. The following questions might be helpful:

    How experienced is the practice with lease extension legislation? Can they put you in touch with clients in Clapham and Salph End who can give a testimonial?

Leasehold Conveyancing in Clapham and Salph End - Sample of Questions you should ask before buying

    Is anyone aware of any major works on the horizon that could increase the service fees? Make sure you investigate if there is anything that is prohibited in the lease. For instance plenty of leases prohibit pets being allowed in in a block in Clapham and Salph End. If you like the apartmentin Clapham and Salph End but your cat is not allowed to make the move with you then you have a very hard compromise. Where a Clapham and Salph End lease has less than 80 years it will affect the marketability of the apartment. Check with your lender that they are content with the length of the lease. Leases with fewer than 80 years remaining means that you will most likely need a lease extension at some point and it is worth discovering what this would cost. For most Clapham and Salph Endlease extensions you would be required to have been the owner of the property for two years in order to be eligible to carry out a lease extension.

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