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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Newport

We are purchasing a property and require a conveyancing solicitor in Newport who is on the Leeds Building Society conveyancing panel. Could you point me in the right direction as regards a firm?

Our service is limited to being a directory service for firms who wish to be listed as being on the approved conveyancing panel for Leeds Building Society . We don't recommend any particular firms conducting conveyancing in Newport.

Me and my partner are purchasing a house in Newport. It might be a silly question but how we can trust a solicitor? At some point we will need to deposit our life savings into their account. What protection do we have from them run away with our money?

Be assured that all money in a Solicitors client account is 100% safe, and even if your Solicitor ran off with it, the Law Society would reimburse you fully.

We expect to receive a OIP from Kent Reliance this week so we know how much we could potentially offer as otherwise we only have online calculators to go by (which aren't taking into account credit checks etc). Do Kent Reliance recommend any Newport solicitors on the Kent Reliance conveyancing panel, or is it better to go independently?

You will need to appoint Newport solicitors independently although you'll need to choose one on the Kent Reliance conveyancing panel. The solicitor represents both you and Kent Reliance through the process.

I have finally had an offer on a flat in Newport accepted, the vendors do nevertheless have a connected purchase. The vendors have put an offer on on an apartment, but it’s not been accepted yet, and are looking at other apartments in the pipeline. I have chosen a high street conveyancing solicitor in Newport. What should be my next step? At what stage do I apply for the mortgage with Virgin Money?

It is understandable to have apprehensions where there is a chain as you are unlikely to want to incur costs prematurely (mortgage application is in the region of one thousand pounds, then valuation, Newport conveyancing search charges, etc). The first course of action is to ensure that your conveyancing practitioner is on the Virgin Money conveyancing panel. Regarding the subsequent stages this very much dictated by the uniqueness of your case, desire for the property and on the state of the market. During a hot market many buyers will apply for the mortgage with Virgin Money and pay for the valuation and only if it comes back ok would they pay their solicitor to press on with the conveyancing in Newport.

Will my solicitor be asking questions regarding flooding as part of the conveyancing in Newport.

The risk of flooding is if increasing concern for solicitors specialising in conveyancing in Newport. Some people will buy a house in Newport, completely aware that at some time, it may be flooded. However, leaving to one side the physical damage, if a property is at risk of flooding, it may be difficult to obtain a mortgage, satisfactory insurance cover, or dispose of the property. There are steps that can be taken during the course of a property purchase to forewarn the buyer.

Lawyers are not best placed to give advice on flood risk, but there are a various checks that may be carried out by the buyer or by their solicitors which will figure out the risks in Newport. The conventional set of property information forms sent to a purchaser’s solicitor (where the solicitors are adopting what is known as the Conveyancing Protocol) incorporates a standard question of the owner to find out if the premises has ever been flooded. If flooding has previously occurred and is not notified by the vendor, then a buyer could commence a claim for damages as a result of such an incorrect response. A buyer’s conveyancers will also commission an enviro search. This should reveal if there is any known flood risk. If so, more detailed investigations will need to be made.

We are a couple of weeks into a residential purchase having been recommend to a firm by the local agent to execute conveyancing in Newport. We are not happy. Could you you assist me in finding new conveyancers?

A conveyancer would have to be really poor in order to consider diss instructing them. Has the mortgage been generated? In the event that it has you must make them aware of the new contact details and have the loan are re-sent. Your conveyancer needs to be on the mortgage company approved list to avoid supplemental charges and delays. That should be your first question of the new solicitors. The search tool will help you find a lender approved solicitor for your conveyancing in Newport

What are the frequently found problems that you witness in leases for Newport properties?

There is nothing unique about leasehold conveyancing in Newport. All leases are drafted differently and drafting errors can sometimes mean that certain provisions are not included. The following missing provisions could result in a defective lease:

    A provision for the recovery of money spent for the benefit of another party. A duty to insure the building

You could encounter a problem when selling your property if you have a defective lease primarily because it impacts on the ability to obtain a mortgage on the property. Halifax, Barnsley Building Society, and Godiva Mortgages Ltd all have very detailed requirements when it comes to what is expected in a lease. If a mortgage lender believes that the lease is defective they may refuse to provide security, forcing the buyer to pull out.

I am the registered owner of a 1 bedroom flat in Newport, conveyancing formalities finalised in 2005. How much will my lease extension cost? Comparable flats in Newport with over 90 years remaining are worth £201,000. The ground rent is £45 invoiced annually. The lease ceases on 21st October 2088

With 65 years unexpired the likely cost is going to span between £13,300 and £15,400 as well as professional fees.

The suggested premium range that we have given is a general guide to costs for extending a lease, but we are not able to provide the actual costs in the absence of detailed investigations. Do not use the figures in tribunal or court proceedings. There may be additional issues that need to be taken into account and you obviously should be as accurate as possible in your negotiations. Please do not move forward placing reliance on this information without first getting professional advice.

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