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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Stony Stratford

As someone unfamiliar with the Stony Stratford conveyancing process what is your top tip you can impart for the legal transfer of property in Stony Stratford

Not many law firms shout this from the rooftops but conveyancing in Stony Stratford or throughout Buckinghamshire is often a confrontational process. In other words, when it comes to conveyancing there exists an abundance of room for confrontation between you and other parties involved in the legal transfer of property. For example, the seller, estate agent and even potentially the mortgage company. Appointing a solicitor for your conveyancing in Stony Stratford should not be taken lightly as your conveyancer is your adviser, and is the ONLY person in the legal process whose interest is to look after your legal interests and to keep you safe.

There is a definite ongoing adversarial element to conveyancing- someone must be at fault for the process being so protracted. You your first instinct should be to trust your conveyancer above the other parties in the home moving process.

Is it correct that all Stony Stratford CQS (Conveyancing Quality Scheme) solicitors are on the Santander conveyancing panel?

A selection of lenders now use the accreditation scheme as the starting point for Panel membership such as HSBC and Santander. The Law Society’s CQS membership however is no guarantee to lender panel acceptance. Nevertheless,the CML have indicated that it is likely to become a pre-requisite for solicitors wishing to join their panels.

is it true that all Stony Stratford solicitor firms on the Co-operative conveyancing panel are regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority?

As solicitors, in order to be on the Co-operative conveyancing panel they would need to be overseen by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. The majority of lenders do permit licenced conveyancers on their panel in which case such organisation would be regulated by the CLC.

I had a mortgage agreed in principle with Kent Reliance. Stony Stratford conveyancing solicitors have been chosen. What is the average time that one could expect to receive a mortgage offer from Kent Reliance?

There is no definitive answer here. Have Kent Reliance completed the valuation? Have you advised Kent Reliance as to your lawyers' details and checked that your lawyers are on the Kent Reliance conveyancing panel? Sometimes it can take as long as six weeks for a mortgage offer to be issued.

I need some quick conveyancing in Stony Stratford as I am faced with an ultimatum to complete within 3 weeks. A home loan is not required. Can I decline from having conveyancing searches to save fees and time?

As you are are a cash buyer you have the choice not to do searches although no law firm would advise that you don't. Drawing on years of experience of conveyancing in Stony Stratford the following are examples of what can show up and therefore impact market value: Enforcement Actions, Outstanding Charges, Outstanding Grants, Railway Schemes,...

We're new on the property ladder - had an offer accepted, but the estate agent advised that the vendor will only go ahead if we use their preferred conveyancers as they are insisting on a ‘quick sale’. We would rather use a high street conveyancer accustomed to conveyancing in Stony Stratford

We suspect that the owner is unaware of this requirement. If they want ‘a quick sale', alienating a genuine buyer is going to damage their objectives. Avoid the agents and go straight to the owners and make sure they understand (a)you are keen to buy (b)you are ready to go, with finances in place © you do not need to sell (d) you intend to proceed fast (e)however you intend to use your preferred Stony Stratford conveyancing firm - not the ones that will provide the estate agent a kickback or meet his conveyancing targets set by HQ.

The conveyancing solicitors undertaking our conveyancing in Stony Stratford has sent documents to review that indicate that the land is unregistered with epitome documents. Why is the property not registred at the Land Registry?

The majority of property in Stony Stratford is registered. An 'epitome' is basically a dossier of photocopies of documents affecting an unregistered title. Many Stony Stratford conveyancing lawyers should be capable of dealing with this type of conveyancing but where uncertainty reigns the prevailing recommendation these days is for the current owners to register it first and then sell - this no doubt cause a significant delay.

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