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Recently asked questions about conveyancing in Milton Keynes

I am need of leasehold conveyancing for a flat in a relatively new development (seven years built) in Milton Keynes. Almost all the properties are already occupied. Do I need carry out the neighbourhood searches for my conveyancing in Milton Keynes?

A big part of the Milton Keynes conveyancing process is the conveyancing searches. There are hundreds search providers who offer Milton Keynes conveyancing searches, as well straight from the local authority. These are known collectively as personal search companies and they produce, not surprisingly, personal searches. However, all Local Authority Search conveyancing products have one thing in common - they must obtain their data from the local authority.

Having sold my house in Milton Keynes last May but the buyer keeps Skype messaging me to say their conveyancer needs to hear from mylawyer. What should have happened following completion?

Following your disposal your conveyancer should forward the transfer deeds and all supplemental paperwork to the purchaser's solicitors. Where relevant, your conveyancer must also evidence that the mortgage has been paid off to the purchasers conveyancers. There are no post completion requirements just for conveyancing in Milton Keynes.

I appreciate that there are debates on Chancel Insurance on online forums. Do I need chancel insurance when acquiring a residence in Milton Keynes? or I am told that there is an ancient law that could mean that house owners living in a parish church boundary may be liable to contribute towards repairs to the chancel within the church. Is this relevant for conveyancing in Milton Keynes?

Unless a prior acquisition of the premises completed after 12 October 2013 you can expect lawyers delivering conveyancing in Milton Keynes to continue to propose a a chancel search and or chancel repair liability policy.

I've found a house that appears to meet my requirements, at a reasonable figure which is making it more attractive. I have just discovered that the title is leasehold as opposed to freehold. I am assuming that there are particular concerns purchasing a house with a leasehold title in Milton Keynes. Conveyancing solicitors have not yet been appointed. Will my lawyers set out the implications of buying a leasehold house in Milton Keynes ?

The majority of houses in Milton Keynes are freehold and not leasehold. In this scenario it’s worth having a local conveyancer who is familiar with the area who can assist with the conveyancing process. It is clear that you are buying in Milton Keynes in which case you should be shopping around for a Milton Keynes conveyancing solicitor and be sure that they are used to dealing with leasehold houses. As a matter of priority you will need to check the unexpired lease term. Being a leaseholder you will not be at liberty to do whatever you want to the property. The lease will likely included provisions such as requiring the landlord’spermission to conduct changes to the property. It may be necessary to pay a service charge towards the upkeep of the estate where the house is part of an estate. Your conveyancer will advise you fully on all the issues.

I bought a split level flat in Milton Keynes, conveyancing having been completed in 2006. Can you shed any light on how much the price could be for a 90 year extension to my lease? Similar properties in Milton Keynes with an extended lease are worth £201,000. The average or mid-range amount of ground rent is £45 invoiced annually. The lease ceases on 21st October 2082

You have 64 years remaining on your lease we estimate the premium for your lease extension to be between £14,300 and £16,400 plus professional fees.

The figure above a general guide to costs for extending a lease, but we cannot give you the actual costs without more detailed investigations. You should not use this information in a Notice of Claim or as an informal offer. There may be other issues that need to be taken into account and you obviously want to be as accurate as possible in your negotiations. Please do not take any other action placing reliance on this information without first getting professional advice.

I am looking to sell a garage which is on a separate legal title at HMLR and hope to get 20,000 or so, to clear debts. There is a mortgage with Santander. Is it possible for you to suggest an inexpensive lawyer as the standard £500-600 reduces the return somewhat. Although I live in Milton Keynes I dont have to use a Milton Keynes conveyancer.

The purpose of this site is restricted to being a directory service for property lawyers who want to be listed as being on the approved conveyancing panel for Santander in certain areas for instance Milton Keynes . Our intention is not to recommend any specific conveyancing practitioner.

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